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English Thai
- When a group has been updated you can double-click it to view the posts. - เมื่อกลุ่มได้รับการปรับปรุงคุณสามารถ คลิกสองครั้งเพื่อดูการโพสต์
Download Paused Warning ดาวโหลด หยุดชั่วคราว คำเตือน
We notice you're a registered user of Newsbin Pro but, have an old Key. Translation
(Optional) (อุปกรณ์เสริม)
- Me and Dex love you long long time!
- Upgrades for Life
- Priority Tech Support
- Access to the private beta program
-That warm feeling because you're right with the world.
- The most important setting is First Time Records (FTR) which controls how much of the group you download the first time you visit. Translation
- To update all the groups at once click the Update button (green Lightening bolt) Translation
- To view posts while they download, double-click the group but, remember that "Reload" might be needed Translation
- Use Help/Help to learn more about using Newsbin Translation
- Use the Help/Beginners Guide to view the tutorials Translation
-- Contacting our web site. Translation
-- Sending a copy of your current registration key to the site Translation
-- The web site validates the key, then delivers a new one which is then saved on your PC Translation
4.1 Key Upgrade Page 2 4.1 รหัส เลื่อนชั้น หน้า 2
4.1 Key Upgrade Page 3 4.1 รหัส เลื่อนชั้น หน้า 3
4.1 Key Upgrade 4.1 รหัส เลื่อนชั้น
@ @

Click the button to finish the upgrade.
The new key is also visible in the help menu under the
Register Upgrade Key dialog

File Descriptions saves a description of the downloaded
files to a file called "Descript.ion" in the download folder

Nag, Nag, Nag, Isn't this Annoying?

If you register, you'll never be annoyed with us again.

Registration will disable this nag screen permanently.
About Newsbin Pro Translation
Accept Filter Translation
Add a path prefix - Decode to a folder named for the source folder Translation
Add each filename to the log file. Translation
Add Files... Translation
Add Filters... Translation
Add Group Name to Download Folder Translation
Add group... Translation
Add Groups Translation
Add Groups... Translation
Add New Server Translation
Add NZB Filename to Download Folder Translation
Add NZB Folder to Download Folder Translation
Add Password Translation
Add Server Translation
Add Subject to filenames under Translation
Add Translation
Add/Remove Selected Groups Translation
Advanced Options Translation
Age Filter: Translation
Age: Translation
Apply Translation
Attach file summary information to the file. Translation
Authentication Required Translation
Authentication Status Translation
Auto Rename: Translation
Auto-Mark Old: Translation
Auto-Shutdown in Progress. Hit Cancel to prevent Newsbin from Exiting Translation
Auto-Shutdown Warning Translation
Auto-Shutdown Translation
Autoload NZB Path: Translation
Automatic download for Double-clicked NZB's Translation
Automatic Download. Add all new posts to the download list. Translation
Automatic Update Modes Translation
Automatically Decode Complete Files: Translation
Autorar Properties Translation
Background Translation
Basic Settings Translation
Beta Deactivated Translation
Binaries Translation
Blocks Missing: Translation
Blocks Needed: Translation
Bottom Translation
Browse Translation
Browse... Translation
By default, Newsbin will decode files to the folder where the source files are located Translation
Bypass size filters for some files Translation
Bytes Translation
Cancel Search Translation
Cancel Translation
Change Password Translation
Characters long Translation
Check1 Translation
Clean NZB Path. Remove any extra formatting from the NZB filename Translation
Clear Password Translation
Clear Results Translation
Clear Translation
Clear: Translation
Click here to Purchase NEW Key Translation
Click the button to finish the upgrade. Translation
Click the button to finish the upgrade.

You need to exit and restart Newsbin
After the new key is installed
Click To Finish Registration Translation
Close Translation
Code: Translation
Color: Translation
Colors Translation
Compact View Translation
Compact Translation
Compatible Viewers like ACDSee will display
these descriptions along with the files.
Connections: Translation
Control Prompts Translation
Controls detail of the log messages Translation
Copy Settings From Server: Translation
Copy Style Rename: Translation
Copy to Clipboard Translation
Copyright(C)1995-2010 CMCE Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright(C)1995-2010 CMCE Inc. All rights reserved.
Critical Error Messages Translation
Crosspost Filter: Translation
D&&D/Load NZB to one Post List: Translation
Data Folder Translation
Days Old Translation
Days to download from a new group Translation
Decode Folder: Translation
Decode Priority - Lower has less impact on your PC but, is slower Translation
Decode/Unpack Translation
Decoding RAR files. Translation
Default is 563 Translation
Default port is 119 for News Translation
Default Settings Translation
Delete Emails with NZBs Translation
Delete File Data older than N days old Translation
Delete From List Translation
Delete or leave the emails on the server Translation
Delete RAR's and PARS on successful Decode. Translation
Delete RARs and PARs Translation
Delete Server Translation
Delete Translation
Details Translation
Different proxy's require different ports Translation
Disable AutoPAR Decode for this Group - Don't decode RAR files Translation
Disable AutoPAR Translation
Disable XFeatures: Translation
Display Age: Translation
Display Group Mode: Translation
Display Name: Translation
Display Switches Translation
Display Translation
Distributed by DJI Interprises, LLC Translation
Do column sorts by ignoring the RE: part Translation
Don't download Headers from this server Translation
Don't know yet Translation
Down Translation
Download a partial file to a folder under the download folder Translation
Download Age: Translation
Download Double-Clicked NZB: Translation
Download Folder named for MP3 ID3 fields Translation
Download Folder: Translation
Download Groups List From Server Translation
Download if incomplete and more than: Translation
Download List Sort: Translation
Download PAR files as well as the normal files Translation
Download Settings Translation
Download to folder named for the watch list. Translation
Duplicate Filename Settings Translation
Edit Passwords Translation
Edit Poster's email address or add New text to filter on from the poster Field (eg Webmaster) Translation
Email (POP) Server Translation
Email (SMTP) Server: Translation
Email Complete Downloads: Translation
Email error messages Translation
Email Errors: Translation
Email Filenames and state Translation
Email From: Translation
Email Notification Settings Translation
Email Password: Translation
Email To: Translation
Email Username: Translation
Enable Email Notifications Translation
Enable File Descriptions Translation
Enable Filters Translation
Enable Logging Translation
Enable Pop Scanning Translation
Enable Save Thumbnails Translation
Enable Schedular Translation
Enable Server Translation
Enable the error popup window Translation
Enter Day Range: Translation
Error Popup: Translation
Example NZB Filename Translation
Execute File Translation
Exit Newsbin when the download list empties Translation
Exit Processing Translation
Favorite Posters Translation
File Count: Translation
File Descripion Settings Translation
File Details Translation
File Display Date Range Translation
File Extensions: Translation
File Filters Translation
File Size Translation
Filename Translation
Filename: Translation
Filenames Modifications Translation
Fill Server: Translation
Filter Out Low Post Groups(under 200) Translation
Filter out Posts Larger than X Bytes Translation
Filter out Posts smaller then X Bytes Translation
Filter Posts Older Than N Days/Hours (D/H) Translation
Filter Posts with more than X crossposts Translation
Filter Profile: Translation
Filter Profiles Translation
Filter Template: Translation
Filter: Translation
Filters that apply to this group Translation
Find Translation
Find: Translation
Finished Install Translation
Firewall Address: Translation
Firewall Options Translation
Firewall Password. Translation
Firewall Password: Translation
Firewall Port: Translation
Firewall Type: Translation
Firewall Userid Translation
Firewall Username: Translation
First Name: Translation
Folder Mode: Translation
Folder Name Translation
Force first PAR to TOP of download list Translation
Force group Selection: Translation
Forgot Your Password? Translation
Free 24 Hour Trial! Translation
From: Translation
Full Speed after: Translation
Full Speed At: Translation
Get Servers List Translation
Giganews Access Check Translation
Giganews Options Translation
Giganews special version users only need to add their Usernames
and Passwords here. If you have multiple accounts, you can
add additional servers later.
Giganews Username and Password Setup Translation
Group Display Age: Translation
Group Name Filters Translation
Group Options Translation
Group Properties Translation
Group(s): Translation
Group: Translation
Groups List Sort: Translation
Header Compression: Translation
Header Overlap: Translation
Help Translation
Here's where we add the initial News Server
The Server name will look something like "" or ""
Hide Delete and tagging progress bars Translation
Hide files that don't have all the parts available. (Disabled in Compact mode) Translation
Hide Incompletes: Translation
Hide Old Translation
Hide Progress: Translation
Hide till Restart Translation
hours old Translation
How many days worth of posts to download from an empty group Translation
How many posts to overlap Header downloads Translation
How often Newsbin update the groups (Limited to 60 minutes or more) Translation
How'd you like it? We've got about 2500 hours into
this re-write of "Classic" Newsbin.

How about throwing me a bone here?
Come visit to register
and for the latest news.
How'd you like the trial? Registering the program gets you: Translation
I Agree Translation
Icon Legend Translation
if the server name starts with "news:\\" make sure to strip it down to domain name only so it looks like "" if the server name starts with "news:\\" make sure to strip it down to domain name only so it looks like ""
If you choose to bypass this step now, you can select Newsgroups by clicking the "Groups" button on the main toolbar. Translation
If you follow these screens, we'll upgrade your key automatically
from our web site. Upgrading will not invalidate your old key. You can still
run whatever version you like
If you register with a credit card you get INSTANT ACCESS Translation
Ignore files that match the watch list but are outside of the size range specified. Translation
Image Modes Translation
Image Safe Table translation Translation
Import Progress Translation
Importing Signature.dbm... Translation
In the post lists, show the age and not the date Translation
Incomplete Handling Translation
Initial configuration consists of:

- Specifying an NNTP News Server.
- Selecting at least one news group to process
Install Initial Groups Translation
Install Initial Server Translation
Internet Search Options Translation
Introduction Translation
Keep in mind that thumbnail generation is pretty processor
intensive, it will slow down the download at high data rates
Key Upgrade Page 3 Translation
Last Name: Translation
List Name: Translation
Load All Posts Translation
Load NZB... ศิลปิน-อัลบัม
Load: Translation
Log : Translation
Log Date: Translation
Log Errors. Translation
Log Errors: Translation
Log Filenames: Translation
Log Group: Translation
Log Headers Translation
Log Post Body: Translation
Log Poster: Translation
Log Settings Translation
Log Subject: Translation
Log the entire non-Binary part of the post Translation
Log the headers for each post to the log file Translation
Low Quality Thumbnails: Translation
Manual Add Translation
Mark Groups using the mouse or cursor Keys. Then hit Enter or the Add Groups Button. You can also double-click a group to add it. Translation
Mark stored posts old when Loaded. (Like V4). Translation
Max Post Size: Translation
Max Posts: Translation
Max Retries: Translation
Max Size (k): Translation
Max Size: Translation
Maximum Connections to this Server Translation
Maximum Download Attempts (0 = Infinite) Translation
Maximum File Size: Translation
Maximum X Resolution: Translation
Maximum Y Resolution: Translation
Min Post Size: Translation
Min Posts: Translation
Min Size (k): Translation
Min Size: Translation
Minimize to Tray Translation
Minimize to Tray: Translation
Minimum File Size: Translation
Minimum Size: Translation
Minutes Translation
Misc Display Translation
Missing: Translation
Move to Bottom Translation
Move to Top Translation
MP3 Download Path Settings Translation
MP3 Folder Mode: Translation
MP3 Tag Usage: Translation
Multi-Tab Mode: Translation
Nag Window - Download Paused. Translation
Name: Translation
Network Settings Translation
Network Status Translation
New Filter Name Translation
New Filter: Translation
New Server Translation
New Username/Password Translation
New... Translation
Newest Date: Translation
Newsbin Message Of the Day Translation
Newsbin Options. Translation
Newsbin Pro can save thumbnails for each JPG image to disk
The following settings let you specify where and
how the thumbnails are stored to disk.
NewsBin Pro requires a few configurations settings. For experienced users, you can hit press Cancel to bypass these screens.

To load old configuration files, Exit now and double-click the NBI file
Newsbin Security Password Translation

You will be prompted to save this configuration when you exit Newsbin Pro
You can add more Servers using the "Servers" button
You can download a complete list of Newsgroups by using the "Groups" button and selecting "Update Groups".
Number of thumbnails to display Translation
NZB Autoload Settings Translation
NZB Folder Modes Translation
NZB Load Settings Translation
Ok Ok
Old Folder Picker: Translation
Oldest Date: Translation
One time Record Conversion Translation
Only Show Posts newer than N Days Old for this group Translation
Only use Server if no other server has the post. Translation
Open all groups into new Tabs Translation
Open Containing Folder... Translation
Open Data Folder Translation
Open to Download Path: Translation
Options... Translation
Organization: Translation
Override Decode Path: Translation
Overwrite Logs Files Translation
Overwrite the log file for every run. Translation
Password Translation
Password: Translation
Pause Translation
Pick an Existing list or enter the name of a new list Translation
Pick Files Translation
Pictures Translation
Place Thumbnails In Another Folder Translation
Plugin Capabilities: Translation
Plugin Control Translation
Pop Email NZB Downloading Translation
POP Username and Password Translation
Post Delete: Translation
Post Dialog Translation
Post Display Empty: Translation
Post Filters Translation
Post Now Translation
Post Properties Translation
Poster Text Translation
Potential Servers Translation
Prepend subject to Filename Translation
Prevent opening Newsbin from the tray Translation
Prevent opening the Add Groups Window Translation
Prevent opening the Add Servers Window Translation
Prevent opening the Options Window Translation
Process Image files (JPG/GIF/PNG) Translation
Process Non-standard files Translation
Processing Options Translation
Profile: Translation
Progress... Translation
Progressive JPG's Translation
Prompt on Download list column sort Translation
Prompt on Groups list column sort Translation
Prompt when permenantly deleting posts Translation
Prompt when post list load, loads nothing Translation
Properties Translation
Properties... Translation
Public Email: Translation
Purchase a Key Translation
Purge Headers Translation
Purging Groups... Translation
Put the Date: field into the description Translation
Put the From: field into the description Translation
Put the Group into the description Translation
Put the Subject field into the description Translation
Quick Decode Translation
RAR Decode Password Needed Translation
RAR Finder Translation
RAR Passwords: Translation
RAR/Master Splitter Decoder Translation
Re-enter Password: Translation
Read Chunk Translation
Reassemble Translation
Records: Translation
Reduce thumbnail quality to improve speed. Translation
Refresh the List. Translation
Refresh/Rescan Translation
Register Newsbin Translation
Registration Code: Translation
Reject Filter Translation
Rejected Posters Translation
Reload Translation
Reload: Translation
Rename the file if it already exists on disk Translation
Repair Blocks: Translation
Reply Translation
Require a password to start Newsbin Translation
Requires Login Translation
Reset Translation
Resume Download after: Translation
Resume Translation
Retention of this server. Don't use this server for posts older then this setting (Days) Translation
Retry Translation
Right click to Select new positions. Translation
Save Failed List on Exit: Translation
Save File Summary: Translation
Save files in Folders named for the Newsgroup Translation
Save Files List on Exit: Translation
Save Picture files to a Database Translation
Save Posts To... Translation
Save to a unique Folder named for a Source file Translation
Save Translation
Scan Translation
Screen Saver Disable: Translation
Search Age Translation
Search in Groups: Translation
Search Options Translation
Search Type Translation
Search Username and Password Translation
Search Translation
Search... Translation
Search: Translation
Security Options Translation
Security Password Translation
Server Address: Translation
Server Finder Translation
Server Name: Translation
Server Options Translation
Server Status: Translation
Server: Translation
Servers... Translation
Set Color Translation
Set SSL Port: Translation
Short Filename Mode: Translation
Show All Translation
Show File Age: Translation
Show Filenames Translation
Show Files Loading: Translation
Show Files Newer than N Days Old Translation
Show Files Translation
Show Filters Translation
Show Headers Translation
Show Incompletes Translation
Show Message of the Day (MOTD) window on start Translation
Show MOTD on startup: Translation
Show New Translation
Show NNTP Commands Translation
Show PAR/NFO Translation
Show PAR/NFO: Translation
Show Server Commands: Translation
Size: Translation
Slave Server Translation
Slow Speed At: Translation
Some Customized status text. Translation
Some News Servers require Authentication using a Username and Password
If your server requires a password, check this box and fill in the blanks.

Some non-standard servers require group selection Translation
Some servers don't implement Xfeatures correctly Translation
Some Topics: Translation
Sort, Ignore RE: Translation
Speed Limit Off at this time Translation
Speed Limit On at this time Translation
Speed Limit Translation
Speed Limiter Properties Translation
Speed Limiter Translation
SSLV2 bypasses some throttling in Europe Translation
Status Message Translation
Status Tab Logging: Translation
Stop Translation
Storage Age: Translation
Subject Filename Mode: Translation
Subject Translation
Subject: Translation
Submit: Translation
Swap Filter Translation
TCP Port: Translation
Test (if PARS present) Translation
Test Password Translation
Test Server Translation
Text Translation
The data folder is where Newsbin stores its configuration and download data: Translation
The files to be UnRARed are requesting a password. Translation
The key upgrade consists of: Translation
These are the basic settings for Newsbin Pro operation.

The download path is where the files that are downloaded will go.

These check boxes control the logging of downloads.
By default Newsbin Pro logs Nothing to disk. Check the Enable Logging button
To start logging then specify what information you want logged.
This information will be sent encrypted so snoops at the ISP
or between you and our web site can't see your name.
This is what we intend to send to the web site Translation
This path is Relative to the download path Translation
Thumbnail Count: Translation
Thumbnail Path: Translation
ThumbNail Settings Translation
To Register Newsbin Pro you must enter the passcode Information EXACTLY
as it was emailed to you This means it's probably better to
Cut and Paste it rather then typing it in.
To use UsenetServer's service you must fill in the
Username and Password you were given when you signed up
To: Translation
Top Left Translation
Top Right Translation
Top Translation
Translating from Old ImageSafe format to New. Translation
Turn off speed Limit when screen saver activates Translation
Up Translation
Update Groups when Newsbin starts Translation
Update Interval(mins): Translation
Update When Started: Translation
Update Translation
Upgrade Translation
Use "Per Group" Display Age Translation
Use a binary fingerprint to detect/reject duplicate files Translation
Use Calender: Translation
Use Chunks Folder: Translation
Use Download Path Translation
Use Duplicate Detector: Translation
Use Europe: Translation
Use Firewall Username/Password Translation
Use Header Download Age Translation
Use Image DB: Translation
Use Limit Timers: Translation
Use Pause Timeout Translation
Use Profile Translation
Use Secure connections. The server must support this mode Translation
Use SMTP password (optional) Translation
Use Speed Limit Timeout: Translation
Use SSL Translation
Use SSLV2 : Translation
Use the European Giganews Server Translation
Use the old folder picker (tends to be faster) Translation
Use Typical Retention Translation
UsenetSearch Error Translation
UsenetServer Password Page Translation
User Name: Translation
Username/Password Translation
Username: Translation
Validate Translation
Version: Translation
Watch List. Translation
What's Next? Translation
When a duplicate filename is found rename using Copy(X) of XXX. The other way uses a number to rename Translation
When adding posts to download, hold the PARS in the PAR tab Translation
When checked, the failed list is saved and restored on restart Translation
When checked, the files list is saved and restored on restart Translation
When Deleting from AutoPAR tab, use Recycle Bin Translation
When loading more than one NZB at a time, load them into a single post list. Translation
When loading posts, show them as they load. Translation
When selecting a new download path, start the browse in the current download path Translation
Xpost: Translation
yEnc XZVER Support. AstraWeb ONLY Translation
You MUST be connected to the Internet during this upgrade to complete Translation
You MUST be connected to the Internet for this Registration to Succeed. We will confirm the Passcode and Username from our Web Site. Translation
You will have to Restart for Enable/Disable logging to take effect.
Changing logging information will take effect immediately.
You've just finished the Newsbin Pro Install such as it was!
You're now ready to download some binaries from Usenet (assuming you added a valid server and some groups).
Your 10 day trial has Expired.
Newsbin will still download files but, every two
minutes it'll pop this box up and pause the download
Your trial has Expired.
It's going to pause after every file now

We want you to use it but, we need to eat too.


English Thai
&About Newsbin Pro... &เกี่ยว กับ Newsbin Pro...
&Add to Download List\tCtrl+E Translation
&Close &ปิด
&Connections Translation
&Delete Group\tDEL Translation
&Delete Server\tDEL Translation
&Download Latest\tCtrl+G Translation
&File Translation
&Filters... Translation
&Help Translation
&Load NZB's... Translation
&Options... Translation
&Reload Translation
&Remove from Download List\tDel Translation
&Remove from List\tDel Translation
&Save Configuration\tCtrl+S Translation
&Servers... Translation
&Thumbnails Translation
&Utilities Translation
&View Translation
Add Group... Translation
Add Server... Translation
Add To &Download List - Bypass Filters\tCtrl+Y Translation
Add to PAR List\tCtrl-Ins Translation
Assemble Incompletes Translation
Assign a New Path... Translation
Beginners Guide... Translation
Big Toolbar Translation
Bottom Translation
Button Only Toolbar Translation
Bypass Filters\tCtrl+Y Translation
Clear Filter History Translation
Clear List Translation
Clear List Translation
Clear Odometer Translation
Clear Window Translation
Close all Post Lists Translation
Copy Images To... Translation
Copy to CBZ file... Translation
Copy to Clipboard Translation
Copy to Folder... Translation
Copy to Image Database... Translation
Create N&ZB from Files... Translation
Create N&ZB from Posts... Translation
Decode/Unpack Translation
Delete All Posts Translation
Delete File(s)\tShift-DEL Translation
Delete Item and Files Translation
Delete Posts\tShift-DEL Translation
Delete Stored Posts Translation
Delete\tDEL Translation
Disa&ble Groups Translation
Disable Server(s) Translation
Discussion/Help Forum... Translation
Download 10,000,000 Older Posts. Translation
Download 100,000 Older Posts Translation
Download 5,000,000 Older Posts. Translation
Download 50,000 Older Posts Translation
Download 500,000 Older Posts Translation
Download All Headers Translation
Download All Posts from Poster Translation
Download Special... Translation
Download Speed Limit Translation
Download to Existing Folder...\tCtrl+B Download to Existing Folder...\tCtrl+B
Download to Folder named for Subject Translation
Download To Folder... Translation
Download To New Folder...\tCtrl+N Download To New Folder...\tCtrl+N
Dummy Translation
E&xit Translation
Enable &Groups Translation
Enable Server(s) Translation
Export to Text File... Translation
Fill Translation
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)... Translation
Groups Translation
Image Database Translation
Import from ZIP,CBZ,RAR,CBR Translation
Jpeg Library Translation
Kill All Connections Translation
Kill Connection Translation
Limit Speed Translation
Lockout &Poster\tCtrl+P Translation
Lockout Poster &Keyword\tCtrl+W Translation
Lockout Poster Translation
Looking for your Server?... Translation
Mark All Old Translation
Mark All Read Translation
Mark Posts New Translation
Mark Posts Old\tDel Translation
Master Translation
Move Down\tCtrl-Down Translation
Move to Bottom\tCtrl+End Translation
Move to PAR List\tCtrl-Ins Translation
Move To Top\tCtrl+Home Translation
Move Up\tCtrl-Up Translation
New Decode Path... Translation
New Folder... Translation
New Group Folder... Translation
Not Fill Translation
Open Decode Folder... Translation
Open Download Folder... Translation
Open Folder... Translation
Pause Download Translation
Pause Translation
Post Storage Translation
Post to Group... Translation
Posts Translation
Properties... Translation
Properties\tCtrl+I Translation
Purge to Display Age Translation
Purge to global MPA Translation
Quick Decode/Sample (MS/RAR) Translation
QuickDecode/Sample... Translation
Read Post &Body\tCtrl+R Translation
Refresh PAR Set Translation
Register Newsbin... Translation
Register/Update Key... Translation
Remove from Download\tCtrl-D Translation
Rename File Translation
Rename Translation
Reply to Group... Translation
Reply to Post... Translation
Reset Download Count Translation
Restore Translation
Resume Download Translation
Retry Download Translation
Save Configuration &As... Translation
Save Files to Custom List... Translation
Save Translation
Searc&h Translation
Search Translation
Select All\tCtrl-A Translation
Server Options... Translation
Servers Translation
Set Fill Server Mode Translation
Set Font... Translation
Set Slave Mode Translation
Show All Posts Translation
Show Filenames Translation
Show Posts Special... Translation
Show Posts\tCtrl+L Translation
Slave Translation
Small Toolbar Translation
Sqlite Database Library Translation
Status Bar Translation
Tech Support Request... Translation
Test Files... Translation
Toggle Grid Lines Translation
Top Left Translation
Top Right Translation
Uncompact Search Results...\tCtrl+H Uncompact Search Results...\tCtrl+H
Unlock Poster\tCtrl+U Translation
Update All Groups Translation
Update Translation
Usenet Tools Web Site... Translation
View File\tCtrl+M Translation
View Icon Legend... Translation
View the MOTD Archive... Translation


English Thai
Warning - No posts were loaded.

Update the group and/or Check the Date Ranges you're loading
If you haven't yet, you need to "Update" the group to see its contents.
&Groups Translation
&Posts Translation
------- ---------------------------------------------------- ------- ----------------------------------------------------
0:00:00 0:00:00
\tThe file containing the groups list is missing. Click the "Download GroupsList From Server" button. Translation
A web site where you can discuss problems/get help on running Newsbin Translation
Active: Translation
Add a new Folder Translation
Add a New Server Translation
Add a poster keyword to filter on Translation
Add Group Failed: The group name you're attempting to create already exists. Translation
Add item to Download list Translation
Add New Server Translation
Add post to download list while disabling filter just for the marked posts Translation
Add poster to the Filter List Translation
Add Posters domain to the Filter List Translation
Add Spooled Records to the post list. Translation
Address: Translation
Advanced Translation
Advanced: Translation
Age Translation
All Preview Posts will be moved to Read list. Translation
Apply Filterbar Filters Translation
April Translation
Assemble a Partial file and delete Translation
Assemble the files and remove the entry from the list. Translation
August Translation
AutoPAR Options Translation
Bandwidth Limited when Pressed Translation
Basic Translation
Blocks Found: Translation
Blocks Needed: Translation
Bottom Translation
Change Password Translation
Check unchecked groups Translation
Clean out the old records. Translation
Clear Filter History Translation
Clear Filterbar Filter Translation
Clear List Translation
Clear Odometer Translation
Clear the active list Translation
Clear the download list without deleting the files. Translation
Clear the download path for these Groups? Translation
Clear the list (doesn't delete files) Translation
Clear the List (Stop all Downloads)? Translation
Clear the list of downloaded files without deleting them from disk. Translation
Clear the List? Translation
Clear the per group download path Translation
Clear Translation
Close all Post Tabs? Translation
Close the active document
Close the Menu Translation
Close this Tab Translation
Color: Translation
Colors/Fonts Translation
Combine Master Split files Translation
Combine Master Splitter Files (HJSPLIT). Translation
Compact Display - many files joined into one line with pars Translation
Compact Display - many files joined into one line Translation
Compact View Translation
Configuration Options Translation
Confirmation Windows Translation
Connections Translation
Contract docked window Translation
Copy Marked File(s) to new folder Translation
Copy selected files to the scratch list for later examination Translation
Copy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Create a new document
Critical Errors Translation
Current Progress: Translation
Currently Loaded posts Translation
Cut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Data Rate Translation
Data: Translation
Database Compactor is already in Progress Translation
Date: Translation
December Translation
Decode Path: Translation
Decode the files to a new folder Translation
Delete All Posts Translation
Delete all Posts? Translation
Delete All RAR and PAR Files (from disk) for this file? Translation
Delete Entries from DB Translation
Delete File From Disk Translation
Delete Files by renaming and wiping the contents Translation
Delete Group from List Translation
Delete Images from Database Translation
Delete Item and the underlying files. Translation
Delete item but, doesn't remove from disk Translation
Delete Marked Files(From Disk!)? Translation
Delete Selected Posts? Translation
Delete the Server Translation
Delete these File from the Database? Translation
Delete these Records? Translation
Dialup Networking Failed to contact the ISP. Please check the configuration and try again. Translation
Dirty Rotten Spammers Translation
Disable Enabled Groups Translation
Disable Enabled Servers Translation
Disable one or more Servers Translation
Disable/Enable the Postid Cache Translation
Disable/Enable the Signature Cache Translation
Display Age Translation
Display all of the posts for this group Translation
Display Connection details Translation
Display program information, version number and copyright
Display Statistics about a specifc Post Translation
Display the file records in the signature cache Translation
Display the Image database Translation
Download all headers? Translation
Download all posts currently visible in the post list. Translation
Download all posts from this poster. Translation
Download all posts in this Group Translation
Download All Posts Translation
Download and assemble Incomplete Files Translation
Download Descriptions: Translation
Download Failed Translation
Download History Translation
Download just the subjects for faster searching Translation
Download Latest Posts from Server Translation
Download latest posts from the server Translation
Download Latest Posts from this Group Translation
Download Next 1,000,000 Posts Translation
Download Next 10,000,000 Posts Translation
Download Next 100,000 Posts Translation
Download Next 1000 Records from the Server(s) Translation
Download Next 5,000,000 Posts Translation
Download Next 50,000 Posts Translation
Download Path Not Set in options Translation
Download Path: Translation
Download Paused Translation
Download the encoded text to disk. Subject is the filename Translation
Download the posts into chunks but don't assemble them. Translation
Download to a new folder named from the subject Translation
Download will bypass all Filters Translation
Download Translation
Download: Translation
Downloaded Files Translation
Downloaded Posts Translation
Downloaded Translation
Downloaded: Translation
Downloading Posts Translation
Downloading Translation
DOWNLOADS Translation
Downloads Translation
Edit Subscribed groups. Translation
Edit the filters. Translation
Edit the Groups Translation
Edit the Servers. Translation
Email Notification Options Translation
Enable Disabled Groups Translation
Enable Disabled Servers Translation
Enable Filters: Translation
Enable one or more Servers Translation
Enter Registration codes. Translation
Erase everything
Erase All
Erase the selection
Error Translation
Execute external program Translation
Expand docked window Translation
Export Images to a Disk files. Translation
Export the selected posts to a text file Translation
Failed Files Translation
Failed Posts Translation
Failed to add the Pattern match String in filter.
You need to look at pattern you're trying to use and make sure it's valid.
Failed to Find or Create the Data folder
You may want to pick/create a new one
Failed to Find or Create the Download folder
no files can be downloaded until this is fixed by either changing to a valid download folder or
Creating a folder to hold the Downloads.
Failed to open the Groups file. Please Download Groups. Translation
Failed to Start Download
When in Manual mode, each group must be selected individually for download.
Either switch to Auto Mode and hit Go again or double-click
a group name to download from.
Failed to start Download.

There are no groups in the groups list.
You need to click the "Groups" button and select at least one group.
Failed Translation
February Translation
File Descriptions: Translation
File is in the download/scratch list Translation
File seems to be a Duplicate Translation
File Type: Translation
Filename Filters: Translation
Filename Options: Translation
Filename: Translation
Files Found: Translation
Files Needed: Translation
Files! Translation
Files Translation
Files: Translation
Fill Server: Translation
Filter Accept: Translation
Filter Profile: Translation
Filter Profiles can't start with a number Translation
Filter Profiles require a name Translation
Filter Reject: Translation
Filters Translation
Filters: Translation
Find RAR files in current post list Translation
Firewall: Translation
Font Colors for the Lists Translation
Free Space: Translation
From: Translation
Full Speed Translation
Giganews REQUIRES a Username and Password for their Servers

Group of Group Names must be at least 2 non-space characters long Translation
Group(s) options Translation
Group: Translation
GROUPS Translation
Groups Translation
Header Download Failed - No master/active servers Translation
Hide docked window Translation
Hide Files with more Crossposts than setting. Translation
Hide Old Translation
Hide/Show the main toolbar Translation
Idle with "new" state set. Translation
Idle Translation
If the file is missing pieces, force it to be assembled anyway Translation
Image Database Translation
Import and image from ZIP of CBZ files Translation
Import Version 4 signature files. Translation
Incomplete. Missing information needed for download Translation
Insert Clipboard contents
Installation is Corrupt - Please uninstall and re-install

Internet Search Translation
Internet Internet
January Translation
Job: Translation
July Translation
June Translation
Kill all connection that are currently outstanding. Translation
Kill Selected Connection. Translation
Kill the Current Download Translation
Kill the Download. Translation
Last Command Translation
Last Response Translation
Last Updated: Translation
List of Current downloads Translation
List of Failed downloads Translation
List of News servers that have been entered into Newsbin Translation
List of Newsgroups you might want to download from. Translation
List of Status messages Translation
List the filenames of files found in a post Translation
Load A folder's worth of Saved downloads Translation
Load all posts bypassing any age filters Translation
Load NZB files. Translation
Load Ranges of posts Translation
Load the download List from disk Translation
Local Translation
Logging Translation
Logs: Translation
Make selected posts Old Translation
March Translation
Mark all post Old? Translation
Mark all posts Old. Translation
Mark all posts Old? Translation
Mark post as Deleted Translation
Mark Selected posts "new" Translation
Master/Slave Translation
Max Size (k): Translation
Maximum size of displayed file. Translation
May Translation
Min Size (k): Translation
Minimum size of displayed file. Translation
Move File(s) to another folder Translation
Move Files Translation
Move Marked Files? Translation
Move One Line Down Translation
Move Post to Top of List Translation
Move Post up one Line. Translation
Move the marked posts to the buttom of the list. Translation
Move Up one Line Translation
NA for NZB's Translation
Network: Translation
New Posts Translation
Newsbin Paused - Low Disk space in Data Folder Translation
Newsbin Paused - Low Disk space on Download folder Drive Newsbin Paused - Low Disk space on Download folder Drive
Newsbin Pro Options Translation
Newsbin50 Newsbin50

Newsbin Files (*.nbi)
Newsbin Document
No active groups selected to Process Translation
No group name found during add group Translation
No groups selected Translation
None Translation
November Translation
NZB Email Settings Translation
NZB Files Translation
October Translation
Old Posts Translation
Only display files that match this filter Translation
Only display Newer Posts Translation
Only show the filename part of the subject Translation
Open Another Configuration Translation
Open the Filter Options Translation
Open the folder where the decoded files go. Translation
Open the folder where this file is. Translation
Open the Options Dialog Translation
Open the Server Options Translation
Open this document Translation
Open up a window to the files folder Translation
Open up the Settings Window Translation
Options Translation
Options: Translation
Overwrite, Rename, Fill with Garbage then Delete Translation
Par Files: Translation
PAR List Translation
PAR Records Translation
Par Set Size: Translation
Pars that are currently in the PAR database Translation
Partial Download Translation
Pause download Translation
Pause the download list. Translation
Pause the Download Translation
Pause the marked download Translation
Paused Translation
Permanantly Delete these Posts from Storage? Translation
Pick a folder to download to. Translation
Pick the Font to use with this control Translation
Position: Translation
Post a message to up to 3 groups. Translation
Post Filename Translation
Post list that the user can copy new entries into for later processing Translation
Post Properties Translation
Post to Selected Groups Translation
Post/File is Filtered Translation
Poster Settings Translation
Problem contacting the Search server. Please contact technical support. Translation
Processing Priority Translation
Progress: Translation
Purge on disk records to the "Display Age" setting. Translation
Purge the Stored records from the disk Translation
Purge to MDA is already in Progress Translation
QuickDecode: File isn't a decodable type Translation
QuickDecode: No filename found Translation
Quit the application; prompts to save documents
RAR Decode Failed: RAR file is Encrypted Translation
RE supplied to filter NZB filenames isn't valid Translation
Read Post Body Translation
Read Posts Translation
Read the text of the post Translation
Ready Translation
Really Delete Group(s)? Translation
Really Delete Server(s)? Translation
Really Purge Stored Records? Translation
Reject! Translation
Reload the DB from disk Translation
Reload the Posts from Disk. Translation
Remove from Download List Translation
Remove Poster from Lockout List Translation
Remove Posts from List Translation
Remove the failed items and re-rety the download Translation
Rename Failed, Probably the destination file already exists Translation
Rename File Translation
Rename File. Translation
Rename this item Translation
Repair Blocks Translation
Reply to an existing post Translation
Rescan Folders Translation
Rescan the folder for missing files Translation
Reset counter to download headers from FTR setting Translation
Reset the counters so the FTR is used to download from the group again. Translation
Reset the download counters. Translation
Restore the window to visible Translation
RSS Feeds Translation
Run the Edit Groups Dialog Translation
Run the file with the default viewer Translation
Running Translation
Save the active document with a new name
Save As
Save the Configuration File Translation
Save the download list so, it can be loaded later. Translation
Save the selected post to disk. Translation
Search for and decode RAR files Translation
Search for Downloaded Files in the file DB Translation
Search Records Translation
Search Stored Records for Files Translation
Search Warning Translation
Search Translation
SEARCH Translation
Secure server/connection Failed. Translation
Secure server/connection. SSL encrypted connections are made to the server Translation
Security Options Translation
Select a Filter Profile Translation
Select a folder to scan for files Translation
Select all Posts. Translation
Select Automatic Download Mode. Translation
Select Manual Mode Translation
Select which groups to search for content. No selection means all groups Translation
Send this File to the plugin routines. Translation
September Translation
Server Name: Translation
Server Options Translation
Server port is Required - default is 119 Translation
SERVERS Translation
Servers Translation
Servers: Translation
Set the Per group download path Translation
Setup: Translation
Show All Files Translation
Show All Posts Translation
Show Filenames: Translation
Show Filtered Posts Translation
Show Grid Lines Translation
Show Help File Translation
Show Incomplete Files Translation
Show Incompletes Translation
Show New Posts Translation
Show or Hide the Main control Bar
Toggle Main Bar
Show or hide the status bar
Toggle StatusBar
Show or Hide the Thumbnail bar
Toggle Thumbnails
Show or hide the toolbar
Toggle ToolBar
Show PAR/NFO Translation
Show Special... Translation
Show the best guess at the filenames in the post. Translation
Show the Servers Tab Translation
Show the smaller tool bar. Translation
Show/Disable the MOTD window Translation
Show/Hide the AutoPAR window Translation
SIG ON Translation
Size: Translation
Sort Groups List? Translation
Sort the entire Download list? Translation
Sort the entire Failed list? Translation
Sort the entire PAR list? Translation
Specify a filter profile for a group Translation
Speed (Bps): Translation
Speed Limit Translation
Speed: Translation
State: Translation
Status: Translation
Subject Filters: Translation
Subject: Translation
Switch back to the previous window pane
Previous Pane
Switch to the next window pane
Next Pane
Switches: Translation
Tab: Translation
Tabbed Window Translation
Tag the posts as Old Translation
Takes you to a form where you can request tech support Translation
Test files if they have PAR files Translation
The file containing the groups list is missing.
\tClick the "Download GroupsList From Server" button.
The name is too short. It must be 2 letters or more. Translation
The news servers for some popular ISP. Translation
There are no Active Servers. You must Either add a server and/or make sure at least one server has a check mark next to it before downloading. Translation
Thumbnails Translation
Thumbnails: Translation
Top Left Translation
Top Right Translation
Try to add posts together that Newsbin Pro didn't combine itself. Translation
Try to Find a news server Translation
UberSearch Window Translation
UberSearch Translation
Unable to Delete Server - Server not found Translation
Unable to open file to save groups Translation
Unable to Use Viewer for this file Reported Error: Translation
Undo the last action
Unsorted Translation
Update the groups list database Translation
UsenetSearch Translation
View List Icon Legend Translation
View Message of the Day Translation
View signature cache entries Translation
View Thumbnails Translation
Visit the Usenet tools web site Translation
Warning Translation
Web page that describes how to Use newsbin Translation
When Login is Enabled - Username is required Translation
Window Positions Translation
You need to Enter a server name or address Translation
You've selected more than 40 items to read. Continue? Translation



English Thai


English Thai
10 ๑๐
11 ๑๑
12 ๑๒
13 ๑๓
14 ๑๔
15 ๑๕
16 ๑๖
17 ๑๗
18 ๑๘
19 ๑๙
20 ๒๐
21 ๒๑
22 ๒๒
23 ๒๓
24 ๒๔
25 ๒๕
26 ๒๖
27 ๒๗
28 ๒๘
29 ๒๙
30 ๓๐


English Thai
10 ๑๐
11 ๑๑
12 ๑๒
13 ๑๓
14 ๑๔


English Thai
5 Days ๕ วัน
10 Days ๑๐ วัน
15 Days ๑๕ วัน
20 Days ๑๐ วัน
30 Days ๓๐ วัน
40 Days ๔๐ วัน
50 Days ๕๐ วัน
60 Days ๖๐ วัน
70 Days ๗๐ วัน
80 Days ๘๐ วัน
90 Days ๙๐ วัน


English Thai
Album อัลบัม
Artist ศิลปิน
Album-Artist อัลบัม-ศิลปิน
Artist-Album ศิลปิน-อัลบัม
Artist\Album ศิลปิน\อัลบัม
Album\Artist อัลบัม\ศิลปิน


English Thai
Display all Files and hide old ones Translation
Display only unread/undownloaded Files


English Thai
Display Data Rate Translation
Display Disk Free Space


English Thai
Fit to Screen Translation


English Thai
Internet Translation
Local Filter

DLGINIT Entry 10

English Thai
Lowest Translation

DLGINIT Entry 11

English Thai
None Translation
12 Hours,
1 Days
2 Days
3 Days
4 Days
5 Days
10 Days
15 Days
20 Days

DLGINIT Entry 12

English Thai
None Translation
12 Hours
1 Days
2 Days
5 Days
7 Days
15 Days
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
6 months

DLGINIT Entry 13

English Thai
None Translation

DLGINIT Entry 14

English Thai
None Translation
5 k
10 k
50 k
100 k
500 k
1 M
5 M
10 M
50 M
100 M
500 M
1 G
5 G
10 G

DLGINIT Entry 15

English Thai
Normal Translation

DLGINIT Entry 16

English Thai
Pictures Translation

DLGINIT Entry 17

English Thai

DLGINIT Entry 18

English Thai
Update Every 1 secs Update Every 1 secs
Update Every 5 secs Update Every 5 secs
Update Every 30 secs Update Every 30 secs
Update Every 60 secs Update Every 60 secs
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