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How can I volunteer?

If you wish to volunteer to help translate Newsbin to your native language, please use our Support Form and state your language and requested username for the wiki. We will then create an account that will allow you to edit the translations.

How do I use this translation file?

All the translations are in the Newsbin Language Pack at the top of the page for each Newsbin version. Download and run the installer, then choose your language and your current installation of Newsbin will be updated with the selected language. I will do a new build as I see changes are being made or upon request. If you need a special build done to check some things, email me at dexter at newsbin dot com and I'll build a new one.

My language isn't listed, can you add it?

The listed languages have at least one volunteer. If you want to work on a translation not listed, you are welcome to volunteer to do one yourself.

What are the "&" signs embedded in some of the words for?

Menu options have a "&" sign to tag a letter as the hotkey for selecting a menu option. For example &File would show as File when you hold down the ALT key your your keyboard. If you hit ALT-F, then the File menu will open. When translating, keep the & next to whatever character makes sense. Be careful not to have duplicate letters tagged in one section.

If you have a phrase that needs the & sign, for example "Drag & Drop", then put double &'s so we can differentiate from the & tag. Like this: "Drag && Drop".

What is the \t for?

A \t is the code for a tab. Keep it there if you want a tab in the phrase.

What do I do with double characters, like "&&"?

Doubled characters are there so the compiler can tell the difference between using the character in the text or, interpreting the charcter as a tag. Like the &File example above would show "File" but &&File would show "&File".

Where can I find help on using this Wiki?

WikiMedia Help is a good place to start.

There are a couple screen shots and a simple description in the Quick Start guide

How can we coordinate our efforts?

It would be very frustrating to spend hours working on translations and then find out someone else was working on the same thing. To avoid this, please only "Edit" one section at a time instead of using the edit tab for the entire page. Use the "Discussion" tab on each language page to coordinate with other volunteers or discuss specific translations. For example "I'm working on sections 1 through 5" or "I think the word blah should be translated as blahito, what do you think?"

Please follow this procedure when using this discussion area:

  1. Click on the "+" to the right of the "edit" tab so that your comments are added with a separator.
  2. Enter something for the subject/headline
  3. Sign your entry with a timestamp like this:
Dexter - {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTDAY}}, {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}} {{subst:CURRENTTIME}}

The result looks like this:

Dexter - May 12, 2006 14:39

When can I see my changes in Newsbin?

I will rebuild whenever I see progress on the translation for any language. If you spent hours updating the wiki and want instant gratification, send me an email and I'll build one for you as soon as I see the message. I can be reached at dexter at newsbin dot com

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