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Dexter - May 12, 2006 14:39


DLL Builds

I'll try to do a new build every morning (GMT-4) so you can check the progress. If you want a new build sooner, let me know and I'll do it if I have time.

Dexter - May 10, 2006 10:00

Question about Section 56

hello Dexter, i don't know if this is the good place but :

I have 2 problems In section 56 these 2 labels: Label Download if incomplete and more than: Label hours old

is this the 2 parts of a same msg? that impacts the translation French at least. Second there are two minimum size ine the same section 56 or 57 or .. well section between 510& 60. I think one should be Maximum size no? Cya

Section 56 Answer

French Section 56 (this section number might change) is not currently used. It is for a Watch List that will be put in use when built in RAR/PAR functionality is done. If you want to finish the translation, the "Hours Old" is related to the line before. It will look like "Download if incomplete and more than: XX hours old" on the user interface where "XX" will most likely be a dropdown box to select number of hours.

There does appear to be an error with the two Minimum Size: lines. The first one probably should be Maximum. Again, none of this will show in 5.1 but should be carried forward to 5.2.

Dexter - May 14, 2021 13:31

French DLL problems

Hello Dexter seems the french 5103 dll has problem, looks more like chinese typo ..ehem ..

Ws/Francois 05/12/2006 20:40 GMT

Hi Dexter the french 5103 DLL is for the Serbian language.




Do any of the characters show up correctly? Or is it all Chinese-looking? I might need to try a different codepage. I'll try something different with the next build.

Dexter - May 12, 2006 23:17

no some characters show up correctly

Ws - May 13, 2006 1:31 GMT ..yes i know, have problem to sleep }:)

Prob in section 23

what is the good text for :

|Text |if the server name starts with "news:\\\" make sure to strip it down to domain name only so it looks like ""

New build for French language.

I guess I uploaded the wrong DLL if you see Serbian. Sorry about that. I just built a new one.

Dexter - May 14, 2006 04:43

Question about status


For the Serbian status is show 112 sections, but when I edit it, I just can see 97.

Ozzii - May 14, 2006 09:49 GMT

I edit the page and add the missing sections. Now all is OK.

Ozzii - May 14, 2006 15:24 GMT


Can some1 help me on meanings of SFE

SFE - Split Files Shell Extension

If i'm not mistaken the SFE is a file extension which stands for Split Files Shell Extension

Serbian DLL


I try the serbian DLL(for checking), and I can't see the cyrillic characters. I have my system (french XP) in serbian cyrillic. I try others programm and all are OK. When I put the French DLL (for example), it's OK.

Here is the result :

Any help.

Ozzii - May 15, 2006 14:25 GMT

SFE Defined...

SFE is Quade's cryptic acronym for his image database "Safe". It isn't used anymore, don't worry about it.

Dexter - May 15, 2006 14:36

Serbian Characters

Looks like I was using the wrong code page. I'll rebuild it.

Dexter - May 15, 2006 14:39

French, German, and Serbian sections missing.

I found some missing sections but, couldn't easily add them to French, German and Serbian because you guys were too far along already with the translations. The missing sections can't just be added to the end because the have to line up with the windows language resource file. Please don't try to manually add the missing sections. I will take care of it when I get a chance. There are 15 sections I need to add that will need translated.

Dexter - May 15, 2006 15:29

Francois/Ws : Create a new Language like French2 German2 then ask some1 to recopy what have already been translated

Need a new build

Dexter when you get time can you please put up a new build on the Norwegian translation :-) Just want to see if the translations fits the buttons now :-)
Kenped - May 16, 2006 06:26

Question about Section 5

Hello Dexter, i have a problem ...yep one more :p.. in section 5 there is

ID_PURGE_TO_MRA Purge to global MPA Translation

i suppose it is Purge to global MRA as shown in ID? then what is MRA??

Francois/Ws 16 May - 11:00 GMT

Answer for Section 5

MRA = MPA. We were in the process of renaming it. Max Record Age vs. Max Post Age.

Dexter - May 16, 2006 15:07

Norwegian Build...

Just put a new build up for Norwegian - Build 5109. In Section 23, the line "Bemerk: Du vil få opp..." is still too long.

Dexter - May 16, 2006 15:13

Serbian build

Dexter, can you please re-build a new Serbian DLL because I translate all the strings and I still don't have the good characters. The codepage for the Serbian (Cyrillic) is 1251.

Ozzii - May 16, 2006 16:13 GMT

Button not translated

Hi Dexter :-)

Please add a new build again :-) done some major work on it and hopefully now all the text will fit into the spaces if not we will maybe need to expand some buttons :-(...

I also discovered that one button has not been translate (and are not in the list) if i turn on the Compact toolbar i see speed limit :-) Is this missing in the translate list? Please check before doing the next build and I will translate that. Hopefully this will be the last build :-)

Kenped - - May 16, 2006 21:16

New Serbian Build...

Ok, I think I have it now. Give it a try. It is build 5113.

Dexter - May 16, 2006 22:13

Missing Translations...

All the words/phrases in NewsBin are not available to be translated yet. If you don't see it in the wiki, then it was hard-coded into NewsBin and we will get it into the resource file for the next version.

Dexter - May 16, 2006 22:30

Serbian Build...

Hi, dexter, can you please redo an DLL. I change a lot of things for maching the lenght (I hope)

P.S. the codepage is OK now.

Ozzii - May 17, 2006 10:51 GMT

New Serbian Build - 5114

Ok, new Serbian DLL is up. Build number 5114.

Dexter - May 17, 2006 11:44

Cosmetic questions

Is it possible to do that ??

Ozzii - May 17, 2006 13:27 GMT

I'll look into it...

Excellent screenshots. I know where to look now. I believe I can adjust it, the trick will be to automate it so I don't have to have special code for each language. I should have time later today.

Dexter - May 17, 2006 16:03

Resized Fields

I have re-sized many fields that weren't fitting for some languages. There is now a new DLL for each language that includes these changes. If there are more, let me know. Screenshots work well.

Dexter - May 18, 2006 21:40

More width on buttons

Hi Dexter,

Please make some more width on the buttons as shown on the screenshots. When done the translation has been check and ready to be released.


Kenped May 19, 2006 20:18

More button resizing...

I was able to resize all except the reload button on the Search tab. It doesn't want to cooperate for some reason. New Norwegian build is now 5118 for you to look at.

Dexter - May 20, 2006 14:34

about resizing

do you have any mail where we we can send screenshots instead of posting here??

Francois 20 May - 14:57 GMT

Email contact...

If you want to send me screenshots, send them to dexter at newsbin dot com. You can RAR them if you want but don't use .zip because our server does not accept zip attachments.

Dexter - May 20, 2006 19:21

Changed term


I changed the translation for the buttons that you had problem resizing. Please do a new build. The localization should be finished and you can now release it if you want.

EDITED: DO NOT make a new build. I have some strange things happening in the last build with the reload button and the X button. the X button seems to be floating around. I also need to check the term change as some of them seems to be blended with Refresh (not reload). I'll check this tonight :-( Have a nice one Dexter!


French Translation finished

Hello Dexter, French Translation is complete, in "raw" mode we just have to make it homogeneous and review text size so can you make a new build please

Hi Dexter we've some problems when we want change some sections per example Section 82 we arrive to the section 66 can you correct it thank you


Serbian translation finished

Dexter, the serbian translation is finished and checked. Can you redo and DLL for the last check. I will tell you if the translation is surely OK after this last check (I hope).

Ozzii - May 21, 2006 09:21 GMT

New Builds...

I have rebuilt Serbian and French.

Dexter - May 21, 2006 03:37

New Build??

18/6/2006 Hello Dexter, I sent you pic with text length problems in french version a couple days ago, you've got it??

re: New Build??

No, I don't remember seeing it. Which account did you send it to? Our server does not accept .zip attachments, please send it in the clear or in a .rar archive.

Dexter - June 19, 2006 16:58

Ws : Sent en resend to not in a rar, directly in the mail (6/24)

re: New Build??

I have it but haven't had time to look into it yet. I'll look at it today.

Dexter - June 27, 2006 10:22

Build 5.20

Hi dexter

What about the translation for v5.20 ?

Ozzii - July 4, 2006 11:08
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