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- You can help make Newsbin better. Newsbin changes as Usenet changes. Most new features are driven by your requests. Translation
- You get prompt support over Email, web form, IRC, Reddit and our Forum Translation
- You have access to the active beta programs. Including bleeding edge versions that are only seen on IRC Translation
- You never have to pay for a key again. It lasts Forever. Some users have used the same key for 10 years.

If you pay for a Search Subscription, you get the Key for FREE
Download Paused Warning Translation
(Optional) (Opcional)
@ Translation

File Descriptions saves a description of the downloaded
files to a file called "Descript.ion" in the download folder

File Descriptions saves a description of the downloaded
files to a file called "Descript.ion" in the download folder
A key lasts forever. After you pay one time for a key, you never have to pay for a key again. Some users have used the same key for 10 years.

If you pay for a Search Subscription, you get the key for FREE
About Newsbin Pro Translation
Active Translation
Add &Groups... Translation
Add (Ins) Translation
Add a path prefix - UnRAR to a folder named for the source folder Translation
Add each filename to the log file. Adicionar o nome de cada arquivo ao log de arquivos.
Add Files... Adicionar arquivos...
Add Filters... Adicionar Filtros
Add Group Name to Download Folder Translation
Add group... Adicionar grupo...
Add Groups Translation
Add Matching files to top of download list. Translation
Add New Server Adicionar Novo Servidor
Add New Translation
Add NZB Filename to Download Folder Translation
Add NZB Folder to Download Folder Translation
Add to Top of the download list. Translation
Add Adicionar
Additional filters that apply to Watch item Translation
Address of PC Translation
Advanced Options Opções Avançadas
Advanced... Translation
Advanced.... Translation
Age Filter: Filtro de Idade:
Aggressive Assembly mode (bypass retries and assemble when you have enough PARS) Translation
Aggressive removes all known spam types . Encrypted RARS , Encryped RARS inside RARS, RARS containing EXE files. DRM encoded WMV/ASF files Translation
Aggressive Translation
All downloads and UnRAR's will go to the main download folder
unless one of the other folders is enabled
All scripts must to be in the DataFolder\Scripts folder or Newsbin can't find them. All scripts must to be in the DataFolder\Scripts folder or Newsbin can't find them.
API Key (optional): Translation
Attach file summary information to the file. Anexar resumo do arquivo ao arquivo.
Auto Rename: Rename the file if it already exists on disk Translation
Auto-Mark Old: Auto-Marcar Antigo:
Auto-Shutdown in Progress. Hit Cancel to prevent Newsbin from Exiting Auto-Desligamento em progresso. Pressione Cancelar para impedir que o Newsbin desligue.
Auto-Shutdown Warning Aviso de Auto-Desligamento
Auto-Shutdown Auto-Desligar
Automatic download for Double-clicked NZBs Translation
Automatic Download. Add all new posts to the download list. Download Automático. Adiciona todos os artigos novos à lista de download.
Automatic Download. Download all files that match this watch list. Translation
Automatic Search Interval Translation
Automatic Update Modes Modos de Atualização Automáticos
Automatically UnRAR Complete Files Translation
Automatically UnRAR Complete Files: Translation
Autorar Properties Propriedades do AutoRAR
Available block count: Translation
Background Fundo
Basic Settings Configurações Básicas
Binaries Binários
Bottom Fundo
Browse Procurar
Browse... Procurar...
Bypass size filters for some files Evitar os filtros de tamanho para alguns arquivos
Bytes Translation
Cancel Cancelar
Casual removes RARS containing EXE files, DRM encoded WMV/ASF files and DRM encoded WMV/ASF files inside RARs Translation
Casual Translation
Change... Translation
Characters long Characteres
Check Files Translation
Clean NZB Path. Remove any extra formatting from the NZB filename Translation
Clear Apagar
Click here to Purchase NEW Key Clique aqui para Comprar uma nova chave
Click To Finish Registration Clique para Finalizar o Registo
Close Fechar
Compatible Viewers like ACDSee will display
these descriptions along with the files.
Visualizadores Compatíveis tais como o ACDSee mostrarão
estas descrições juntamente aos arquivos.
Complete Files: Translation
Connections: Conexões:
Control Prompts Alertas de controle
Controls detail of the log messages Controlar detalhes das mensagens log
Copy Settings From Server: Copiar Configurações a Partir do Servidor:
Copy Settings from: Translation
Copy Style (Copy(X) of XXX). Unchecked uses numeric rename Translation
Copy to Clipboard Copiar para área de transferência
Copyright(C)1995-2015 CMCE Inc. All rights reserved.
Critical Error Messages Mensagens de erro criticas
Cross-post Filter: Translation
D&&D/Load NZB to one Post List: D&&D/Carregar NZB para uma Lista de Artigos
Damaged Files: Translation
Data Folder Pasta de dados
Data Folder: Translation
Days Old Idade em dias
Days to download from a new group Translation
Default is 563 Padrão é 563
Default port is 118 Translation
Default port is 119 for News A porta padrão para as News é 119
Default port is 8000 Translation
Default Settings Configurações padrão
Default Translation
Delete Emails with NZBs Translation
Delete File Data older than N days old Deletar informação de arquivo mais antigo que N dias
Delete Files to Recycle Bin Translation
Delete Groups (Del) Translation
Delete or leave the emails on the server Translation
Delete RARs and PARS on successful UnRAR. Translation
Delete RARs and PARS to Recycle Bin Translation
Delete Server Apagar Servidor
Delete Watch Translation
Delete Apagar
Details Detalhes
Different proxys require different ports Translation
Disable Automatic PAR unpausing. Translation
Disable AutoPAR UnRAR for this Group - Don't UnRAR RAR files Translation
Disable AutoPAR Inutilizar AutoPAR
Disable UnRAR for all files added using this watch list. Translation
Disable XFeatures: Some servers don't implement Xfeatures correctly Translation
Disabled Translation
Disk Space Used: Translation
Display Age: Mostrar Idade:
Display Switches Mostrar Interruptores
Distributed by DJI Interprises, LLC Distribuído por DJI Interprises, LLC
Do column sorts by ignoring the RE: part Ordenar colunas ignorando a parte RE:
Don't download Headers from this server Não baixar Cabeçalhos deste servidor
Don't know yet Ainda desconhecido
Don't show this again. Translation
Download Age: Translation
Download all Files that match the watch item Translation
Download Double-Clicked NZB: Baixar NZB Duplamente Clicado:
Download folder for downloads from NZB Files: Translation
Download folder: Translation
Download Folder: Translation
Download Groups List From Server Baixar Lista de Grupos a partir do Servidor
Download Path Translation
Download Settings Configurações de Download
Duplicate Filename Settings Configurações de Nomes Duplicados
Edit Path Translation
Edit Poster's email address or add New text to filter on from the poster Field (eg Webmaster) Edita o endereço de email do Autor ou acrescenta texto Novo para filtrar a partir do campo do autor (Ex: Webmaster)
Email (POP) Server Translation
Email (SMTP) Server: Translation
Email Notification Settings Translation
Email Password: Translation
Email Poster: Translation
Email Settings Translation
Email To: Translation
Email Username: Translation
Enable File Descriptions Permitir Descrições de Arquivos
Enable Filter Translation
Enable Logging Permitir Registros
Enable Pop Scanning Translation
Enable Post UnRAR Filter Translation
Enable Proxy Translation
Enable Remote Control Translation
Enable Remote NZB Integration Translation
Enable Scheduler Translation
Enable Script Logging Translation
Enable Server Permitir Servidor
Encrypted RAR Password Translation
Enter Test Text: Translation
Enter your Existing Key Translation
Example NZB Filename: Translation
Example RAR Path: Translation
Execute when an UnRAR Completes: Translation
Exit Newsbin when the download list empties Sair do Newsbin quando esvaziar a lista de downloads
Exit Newsbin? Translation
Exit Processing Finalizar Processamento
Failed list is saved and restored on restart Translation
Favorite Posters Autores Favoritos
File Description Settings Translation
File Display Date Range Intervalo de data de exibição do Arquivo
File Filters Filtros do Arquivo
Filename: Nome do Arquivo
Filenames Modifications Modificações dos nomes dos Arquivos
Filter Profile: Filtrar perfil:
Filter Profiles Filtrar perfis
Filter Filter
Filters that apply to this group Filtros aplicados a este grupo
Filters that apply to this Watch Folder Translation
Filters that apply to Watch item Translation
Firewall Address: Endereço da Firewall:
Firewall Options Opções da Firewall
Firewall Password. Senha da Firewall
Firewall Password: Senha da Firewall:
Firewall Port: Porta da Firewall:
Firewall Type: Tipo de Firewall
Firewall Userid ID do Usuário da Firewall
Firewall Username: Nome de Usuário da Firewall
First Name: Primeiro Nome:
Folder Dup Bypass: Translation
Folder Mode: Modo Pasta
Folder Name Nome da Pasta
Force group Selection: Some non-standard servers require group selection Translation
From Poster: Translation
From: De:
Group Display Age: Grupo Mostrar Idade:
Group Name Filters Filtros do nome de grupo
Group Options Opções do grupo
Group Properties Propriedades do grupo
Group(s): Grupo(s):
Growl Notification Settings Translation
Growl Password: Translation
Growl Register Translation
Growl Server: Translation
Growl Settings Translation
Header Database Compaction Translation
Header Overlap: Sobreposição de cabeçalho
Help Ajuda
Hide Low Post Groups(under 10,000) Translation
Hide posts larger than (Bytes) Translation
Hide posts older than (Days/Hours) Translation
Hide posts smaller than (Bytes) Translation
Hide Posts that exceed crossposts Translation
Hide Subscribed Groups Translation
Hide till Restart Translation
High Powered PC Translation
How many days worth of posts to download from an empty group Translation
How many posts to overlap Header downloads Quantos artigos a sobrepor downloads do cabeçalho
How often Newsbin update the groups (Limited to 15 minutes or more) Translation
How often Newsbin will automatically search using the watch lists. 30 minutes is the lower limit. Translation
I Agree Eu Aceito
Icon Legend Legenda
If you configured Remote download for http://localhost:8000/ for example.Set the port to 8000 .The username,password and API key are optional. Translation
If you register with a credit card you get INSTANT ACCESS Se você registrar com um cartão de crédito, terá ACESSO INSTANTÂNEO
Image Modes Modos de Imagem
Image Safe Table translation Tradução de Mesa com segurança de imagens
In the post lists, show the age and not the date Translation
Incomplete Files: Translation
Internet Search Options Opções de busca da internet
IP Address: Translation
Last Name: Sobrenome:
List Name: Nome da lista:
Load All Posts Carregar todos os artigos
Load Day Range Translation
Load NZB... Carregar NZB
Lock Option Changes: Prevent remote access to options Translation
Lock the Groups Translation
Lock the Options Translation
Lock the Servers Translation
Lock the Startup Translation
Lock the Tray Icon Translation
Log : Registro:
Log Date: Data do registro:
Log Errors. Erros do Registro.
Log Errors: Erros do Registro:
Log Filenames: Nomes de Arquivo do Registro:
Log Group: Logar Grupo:
Log Headers Logar Cabeçalhos
Log Methods: Translation
Log Post Body: Logar corpo de postagem:
Log Poster: Logar Autor:
Log Settings Logar Ajustes
Log something or other: Translation
Log Subject: Logar Assunto:
Log the entire non-Binary part of the post Logar toda a parte não binária do artigo
Log the headers for each post to the log file Logar os cabeçalhos de cada artigo ao arquivo de logs
Look in Groups: Translation
Low Disk Space Translation
Low Powered PC Translation
Main Download folder: Translation
Manual Add Adicionar manualmente
Mark Groups using the mouse or cursor Keys. Then hit Enter or the Add Groups Button. You can also double-click a group to add it. Marcar grupos usando o mouse ou teclas do cursor. Depois pressione Enter ou o botão Adicionar Grupos. Você pode também clicar duas vezes num grupo para adicioná-lo.
Mark stored posts old after loaded into list Translation
Matches: Translation
Max Retries before files are Assembled Translation
Max Retries: Número Máximo de Tentativas:
Maximum File Size: Tamanho máximo de arquivo
Memory Usage: Translation
Minimize to Tray Minimizar para bandeja
Minimize to Tray: Tamanho Mínimo
Minimum File Size: Tamanho mínimo do arquivo:
Minutes Minutos
Misc Translation
Missing Files: Translation
Missing: Em falta
MP3 Download Path Settings Configurações de caminho de download de MP3
MP3 Folder Mode: Download Folder named for MP3 ID3 fields Translation
MP3 Tags to use Translation
Multi-Tab Mode: Modo multi-abas
Nag Window - Download Paused. Janela a Resmungar - download em pausa
Name: Nome
Network Settings Configurações de Rede
New Filter Name Nome do Novo filtro
New Filter: Novo filtro
New Server Novo servidor
New Watch ... Translation
New Watch Item Translation
New Watch Translation
New Watch: Translation
New... novo...
Newest Date: data mais recente
Newsbin Message Of the Day Mensagem do Dia do Newsbin
Newsbin Options. Opções do NewsBin.
Newsbin Security Password Senha de segurança Newsbin
No Header Download: Translation
No! Don't Exit. Translation
Number of Source Files: Translation
Number of thumbnails to display Número de Miniaturas a Serem exibidas
NZB Checker Translation
NZB Load Settings Configurações de Carregamento NZB
NZB Loading Filter: Translation
NZB Watch Folder Translation
NZB Watch Folders - Downloads NZB's placed in these folders. Translation
NZB Watch Properties Translation
Ok Ok
Old Folder Picker: Translation
Oldest Date: Data mais antiga
One time Record Conversion Conversão de uma única vez
Only save image to DB Translation
Only Show Posts newer than N Days Old for this group Mostrar apenas artigos mais recentes que N dias
Open all groups into new Tabs Abrir todos os grupos em novas abas
Open Data Folder Abrir Pasta de Dados
Open to Download Path: Abrir ao caminho do download
Options... Opções
Organization: Organização
Override UnRAR Path: Translation
Overwrite Logs Files Reescrever arquivos logs
Overwrite the log file for every run. Reescrever o arquivo log a cada utilização
Password (optional): Translation
Password Senha
Password: Senha:
Pause PARS and only download the ones needed for Repair. Translation
Pause Pausa
Performance Options Translation
Pick an Existing list or enter the name of a new list Escolher uma lista existente ou adicionar o nome de uma nova lista
Pick Topic: Translation
Pictures Figuras
Pop Email NZB Downloading Translation
POP Username and Password Translation
Port: Translation
Post Dialog Diálogo de Arquivo
Post Now Postar Agora
Post Properties Propriedades de artigo
Poster Text texto do Autor
Poster: Translation
Prevent opening Newsbin from the tray Impedir de abrir Newsbins da bandeja
Prevent opening the Add Groups Window Impedir de abrir a janela Adicionar Grupos
Prevent opening the Add Servers Window Impedir de abrir a janela Adicionar Servidores
Prevent opening the Options Window Impedir de abrir a janela Opções
Priority: Translation
Processing Options Opções de processamento
Progress... Progresso...
Properties... Propriedades...
Proxy Address: Translation
Proxy Password: Translation
Proxy Settings Translation
Proxy Type: Translation
Proxy Username: Translation
Public Email: Email Público
Purchase a Key Comprar uma chave
Purchase a New Key Translation
Purging Groups... Translation
Put the Date: field into the description Colocar o campo Data: na descrição
Put the Group into the description Colocar o grupo na descrição
Put the Poster: field into the description Translation
Put the Subject field into the description Colocar o campo Assunto na descrição
Quick UnRAR Translation
Re-enter Password: Digitar senha novamente
Really Advanced Translation
Records: Registros:
Refresh the List. Atualizar a lista
Refresh Translation
Register Newsbin Registrar Newsbin
Registration Code: Código de Registo
Rejected Posters Autores Rejeitados
Remote Address: Translation
Remote Post Processing Options Translation
Remote Server Options Translation
Remove repaired but, not unrared sets in the download list Translation
Repair Block Count: Translation
Require a password to start Newsbin Pedir password para iniciar o Newsbin
Requires Login Login necessário
Reset Restaurar
Restore NBI Translation
Retention of this server. Don't use this server for posts older than this setting (Days) Translation
Right click to Select new positions. Clique com botão direito para selecionar novas posições
Sample: Translation
Save Failed List on Exit: Salvar lista de falhas ao sair
Save files in Folders named for the Newsgroup Salvar arquivos em pastas nomeadas para o Newsgroup
Save files list is saved and restored on restart Translation
Save Files List on Exit: Salvar lista de arquivos ao sair
Save Image: Translation
Save NBI Translation
Save Picture files to a Database Translation
Save Posts To... Salvar Artigos em...
Save to a unique Folder named for a Source file Salvar para uma única pasta nomeada para o arquivo da fonte
Save Salvar
Scan Days: Translation
Scripts Translation
Search For: Translation
Search Interval(mins): Translation
Search Options Opções de Busca
Search Username and Password Procurar username e senha
Search Procurar
Search... Procurar
Searches Remaining: Translation
Security Options Opções de segurança
Security Password Senha de segurança
Select a filter profile. Its filename filters will be applied to delete matching files after an unrar Translation
Select a line, set Colors Translation
Send PARS to Wish List Translation
Server Address: Endereço do Servidor
Server Name: Nome de Servidor
Server: Servidor:
Servers... Servidores...
Set Font... Configurar Fonte
Set Server Color Translation
Set SSL Port: Ajustar Portal SSL
Set... Translation
Setup... Translation
Short Filename Mode Add Subject to filenames under Translation
Show File Age: Translation
Show Files Newer than N Days Old Mostrar arquivos mais recentes que N dias
Show Message of the Day (MOTD) window on start Mostrar janela Mensagem do Dia (MDD) ao iniciar
Show MOTD on startup: Mostrar MDD ao iniciar
Show PAR/NFO: Mostrar PAR/NFO:
Show Server Commands: Show NNTP Commands to servers Translation
Shutdown Windows when Newsbin Auto-shutdown Translation
Size: Tamanho:
Some Customized status text. Texto de estado customizado
Sort, Ignore RE: Classificar, ignorar RE
Source block count: Translation
Source block size: Translation
Source: Translation
Space Recovered: Translation
Spam Filters Translation
Speed Limit Limite de velocidade
Speed Limiter Properties Propriedades de Limite de Velocidade
Speed Limiter Limitador de Velocidade
Sqlite High Water Mark: Translation
Sqlite Memory Usage: Translation
Start Scan Translation
Start Translation
Status Message mensagem de status
Status Tab Logging: Logging de status em abas
Stop Translation
Storage Age: Idade de armazenamento
Subject Filename Mode: Prepend subject to Filename Translation
Subject: Assunto:
Subscribe Groups Translation
TCP Port: Porta TCP
Test Email Translation
Test Expression Translation
Test Poster: Translation
Test Results: Translation
Test Search: Translation
Test Translation
Text Texto
The data folder is where Newsbin stores its configuration and download data: A pasta de dados é onde Newsbin armazena suas configurações e dados de download:
The higher the number the less likely the server is to be used Translation
These check boxes control the logging of downloads.
By default Newsbin Pro logs Nothing to disk. Check the Enable Logging button
to start logging then specify what information you want logged.
This is the address of the Remote download web server. If you look at the URL bar on your browser, you can see it listed. http://localhost:8081/ Translation
Thumbnail Count: Contagem de miniaturas
To Register Newsbin Pro you must enter the passcode Information EXACTLY
as it was emailed to you. This means it's probably better to
Cut and Paste it rather than typing it in.
To: Para:
Top Em cima
Total Results Translation
Total size of source files: Translation
Translating from Old ImageSafe format to New. Traduzindo do formato Imagem Segura Antiga para Novo.
Tune Newsbin based on your PC's performance Translation
UnRAR folder: Translation
Unrar Folder: Translation
UnRAR Folder: Translation
UnRAR Password: Translation
UnRAR Path: Translation
Unsubscribe Groups Translation
Update Groups when Newsbin starts Atualizar grupos quando Newsbin se iniciar
Update Interval(mins): Atualizar intervalos (min):
Update When Started: Atualizar quando iniciado
Update Atualizar
Use "Per Group" Display Age Use "Per Group" Display Age
Use a binary fingerprint to detect/reject duplicate files Usar um impressão digital binária para detectar/rejeitar arquivos duplicados
Use BODY Command: Some servers only support the body command. Translation
Use Calendar Translation
Use Duplicate Detector: Usar Detector de Duplicidade
Use Firewall Username/Password Usar username/senha de firewall
Use Header Download Age Translation
Use Image DB: Usar imagem DB
Use internal RAR timestamps. Unchecked uses today's date Translation
Use NZB Load Filter Translation
Use Pause Time-out: Resume Download after: Translation
Use Profile Usar Perfil
Use Proxy/Firewall Translation
Use SMTP password (optional) Translation
Use Speed Limit Time-out: Full Speed after: Translation
Use SSL - Encrypted Connections Translation
Use SSL: Translation
Use SSLV2 : SSLV2 bypasses some throttling in Europe Translation
Use Typical Retention Usar retenção típica
Usenet Search Error Translation
Username (optional): Translation
Username: Nome de usuário:
Version: Versão:
Watch List Scan Translation
Watch Options Translation
Watch: Translation
When loading more than one NZB at a time, load them into a single post list. Quando estiver carregando mais que uma NZB de uma vez, carregue-os em uma única lista de postagem.
When selecting a new download path, start the browse in the current download path Quando estiver selecionando um novo caminho de download, inicie o navegador no caminho de download atual.
When using "Download To <Folder>" bypass the dup checker When using "Download To <Folder>" bypass the dup checker
Windows Shutdown Translation
You MUST be connected to the Internet for this Registration to Succeed. We will confirm the Passcode and Username from our Web Site. Você precisa estar conectado à internet para realizar o registro. Confirmaremos o Código e Username do nosso site.
You will have to Restart for Enable/Disable logging to take effect.
Changing logging information will take effect immediately.
Você terá que reeniciar para o habilitar/desabilitar do logging ter efeito.
As mudanças no Logging terão efeitos imediatos.
Your 10 day trial has Expired.
Newsbin will still download files but, every two
minutes it'll pop this box up and pause the download
Os seus 10 dias de experiência terminaram.
O Newsbin Continuará a baixar arquivos mas, a cada dois minutos,
aparecerá esta janela e o download ficará em pausa.
Your trial has Expired. Translation


English PortugueseBrazil
&About Newsbin Pro... Translation
&Application Look Translation
&Auto Hide Translation
&Close &Fechar
&Connections &Conexões
&Delete Group\tDEL &Deletar Grupo\tDEL
&Delete Server\tDEL &Deletar Servidor\tDEL
&Download Latest Headers Translation
&Download Translation
&Download\tCtrl+E Translation
&File &Arquivo
&Files Translation
&Filters... &Filtros...
&Floating Translation
&Groups &Grupos
&Help A&juda
&Hide Translation
&Load NZBs... Translation
&Load PARs... Translation
&Logging Translation
&Options Translation
&Pause Download Translation
&Reload &Recarregar
&Remove from Download List\tDel &Remover da lista de Download\tDEL
&Remove from List\tDel &Remover da Lista\tDel
&Save Configuration Translation
&Save Translation
&Servers Translation
&Servers... &Servidores...
&Status Bar Translation
&Thumbnails &Miniaturas
&Utilities &Utilitários
&View &Vizualizar
1 1
10 10
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
Accept Translation
Add &Groups... Translation
Add Group... Adicionar Grupo...
Add new Watch Folder... Translation
Add Server... Adicionar Servidor...
Add to Top - Bypass Filters Translation
Add to Top Translation
Add to Wish List\tCtrl-Ins Translation
Assemble Incompletes Juntar Incompletos
Assign a New Path... Atribuir Novo Caminho...
Assign a New UnRAR Path... Translation
Beginners Guide... Guia para Principiantes
Bypass Filters\tCtrl+Y Evitar Filtros\tCtrl+Y
Clear Filter History Apagar Histórico dos Filtros
Clear List Apagar Lista
Clear List Apagar Lista
Clear Odometer Zerar Velocímetro
Clear Window Limpar Janela
Close all Post Lists Fechar todas as Listas de Posts
Close Current Tab Translation
Compact Group... Translation
Copy Images To... Copiar imagens para...
Copy to CBZ file... Copiar para arquivo CBZ..
Copy to Clipboard Copiar para Área de Transferência
Copy to Folder... Copiar para pasta...
Copy to Image Database... Copiar para banco de dados de imagens...
Create N&ZB from Files... Criar N&ZB a partir de arquivos...
Create N&ZB from Posts... Criar N&ZB a partir dos Posts...
Customize.... Translation
Delete all posts from Poster Translation
Delete All Posts Apagar Todos os Posts
Delete File(s) Translation
Delete Item and Files Apagar Item e arquivos
Delete Posts\tShift-DEL Apagar Posts\tShift-DEL
Delete Stored Posts Apagar Artigos Gravados
Delete Translation
Delete\tDEL Apagar\tDEL
Disa&ble Groups Desli&gar Grupos
Disa&ble Watch Translation
Disable Server(s) Desligar Servidor(es)
Disable Translation
Discussion/Help Forum... Forum de Discussão/Ajuda...
Doc&kable Translation
Don't Download Headers Translation
Download &Special... Translation
Download - &Bypass Filters Translation
Download - &Bypass Filters\tCtrl+Y Translation
Download 10,000,000 Older Posts. Baixar 10,000,000 Artigos Anteriores.
Download 100,000 Older Posts Baixar 100.000 Artigos Anteriores
Download 5,000,000 Older Posts. Baixar 5,000,000 Artigos Anteriores.
Download 50,000 Older Posts Baixar 50.000 Artigos Anteriores
Download 500,000 Older Posts Baixar 500,000 Artigos Anteriores
Download All Headers Baixar Todos os Cabeçalhos
Download All Posts from Poster Translation
Download Complete Groups List Translation
Download Group List Translation
Download Headers Translation
Download Special... Download Especial...
Download Speed &Limit Translation
Download Speed Limit Limite de Velocidade de Download
Download to Existing Folder... Translation
Download to Existing Folder...\tCtrl+B Translation
Download to Folder named for Subject Baixar para pasta nomeada para o assunto
Download To Folder... Baixar para Pasta...
Download To New Folder... Translation
Download To New Folder...\tCtrl+N Translation
Downloading Files Translation
Dummy Imitação
E&xit &Sair
Edit Translation
Enable &Groups Ativar Grupos
Enable &Watch Translation
Enable Scheduler Translation
Enable Server(s) Ativar Servidor(es)
Expand Search Results...\tCtrl+H Translation
Failed Files Falhou
Files Arquivos
Filter Filter
Filters Filtros
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)... Perguntas Frequentes (FAQ)...
Hide Old Esconder Antigos
http://freeimage.sourceforge.net/ Translation
http://www.sqlite.org/ http://www.sqlite.org/
Image &Database Translation
Import from ZIP,CBZ,RAR,CBR Importar de ZIP,CBZ,RAR,CBR
Kill All Connections Finalizar Todas As Conexões
Kill Connection Finalizar Conexão
Limit Speed Limitar Velocidade
Load Backup Configuration on Restart Translation
Lock Display Layout Translation
Lockout &Poster Translation
Lockout &Poster\tCtrl+P Excluir &Autor\tCtrl+P
Lockout Poster &Keyword Translation
Lockout Poster &Keyword\tCtrl+W Excluir Autor por &Palavra-Chave\tCtrl+W
Lockout Poster Excluir Autor
Looking for your Server?... Procurando seu Servidor?
Mark All Old Marcar tudo como Antigo
Mark Posts New Marcar Artigos Como Novos
Mark Posts Old\tDel Marcar Artigos como Antigos\tDel
Move Down\tCtrl-Down Mover para Baixo\tCtrl-Down
Move Files(s)... Translation
Move to Bottom\tCtrl+End Mover para o Fundo\tCtrl+End
Move To Top\tCtrl+Home Mover para o Topo\tCtrl+Home
Move to Wish List\tCtrl-Ins Translation
Move Up\tCtrl-Up Mover para Cima\tCtrl-Up
New Folder... Nova Pasta...
New Search Tab... Translation
New UnRAR Folder... Translation
New Watch... Translation
Office &2003 Translation
Office 2003 Outlook Translation
Office 2007 - &aqua Translation
Office 2007 - &blue Translation
Office 2007 - &silver Translation
Office 2007 - bla&ck Translation
Office XP Translation
Open Download Folder... Abrir Pasta de Download...
Open Folder... Abrir Pasta...
Open UnRAR Folder... Translation
Password Manager... Translation
Pause Download Pausar Download
Pause Pausa
PopupPanes Translation
Post Storage Armazenamento de Artigos
Post to Group... Postar para/no Grupo...
Posts Posts/Artigos
Priority Translation
Properties Propriedades
Properties... Translation
Properties\tCtrl+I Propriedades\tCtrl+I
Purge to Display Age Eliminar por idade de exibição
Quick UnRAR/(MS/RAR) Translation
Quick UnRAR/Sample... Translation
Read Post &Body Translation
Read Post &Body\tCtrl+R Lê Corpo do &Artigo\tCtrl+R
Refresh List Translation
Refresh PAR Set Atualiza PAR Set
Register Newsbin... Registrar Newsbin
Register/Update Key... Registrar/Atualizar Chave de Registo
Reject Translation
Rename File Renomear Arquivo
Rename Renomear
Reply to Group... Responder ao Grupo...
Rescan Topic... Translation
Reset Display Layout on Restart Translation
Reset Download Count Reiniciar o Contador de Downloads
Restore Restaurar
Resume Download Continuar Download
Retry Download Retentar Download
Run QuickPAR Translation
Sample Files Translation
Save Configuration &As... Gravar Configuração &Como...
Save Files to Custom List... Salvar Arquivos na Lista Própria...
Se&ttings... Translation
Searc&h &Procurar
Search Control Panel... Translation
Search in Groups Translation
Search Procurar
Select All Translation
Select All\tCtrl-A Selecionar Tudo\tCtrl-A
Send to Folder... Translation
Server Options... Opções do Servidor...
Servers Servidores
Set Header Download Mode Translation
Show All Posts Mostra Todos os Artigos
Show Filenames Mostrar nomes de arquivos
Show Grid Lines Mostrar linhas de grade
Show Posts Special... Mostrar Artigos Especial...
Show Posts Translation
Switch Tab Position Translation
Tech Support Request... Pedido de Suporte Técnico...
Test Download Files Translation
Test Files... Testar Arquivos...
Unlock Poster Translation
Unlock Poster\tCtrl+U Desbloquear Autor\tCtrl+U
UnRAR/Join Files Translation
UnRAR/Unpack Translation
Update All Groups Atualizar Todos os Grupos
Update Atualizar
Use Download Age Translation
Usenet Tools Web Site... Site de Ferramentas Usenet...
Uses FreeImage Library Translation
Uses Sqlite Database Library Translation
View File Translation
View Icon Legend... Visualizar Legenda dos Icons
View Sample Translation
View the MOTD Archive... Visualizar Arquivo das Frases do Dia
Visual Studio 2005 Translation
Visual Studio 2008 Translation
Visual Studio 2010 Translation
Visual Studio 6 Translation
Visual Studio Translation
Watch Lists... Translation
Watch Translation
Windows 2000 Translation
Windows Native Translation
Windows Shutdown Enabled Translation
Windows XP Translation
Wish List Translation


English PortugueseBrazil
Warning - No posts were loaded.

Update the group and/or Check the Date Ranges you're loading
If you haven't yet, you need to "Update" the group to see its contents.
Warning - No posts were loaded.

Update the group and/or Check the Date Ranges you're loading
If you haven't yet, you need to "Update" the group to see its contents.
Contains NFO/SFV Translation
# Translation
&Groups Translation
&Posts &Artigos
0:00:00 0:00:00
\tThe file containing the groups list is missing. Click the "Download GroupsList From Server" button. \tThe file containing the groups list is missing. Click the "Download GroupsList From Server" button.
A cleaned up copy of the subject. Can be used to group related files Translation
A web site where you can discuss problems/get help on running Newsbin Um web site onde obter ajuda/ discutir problemas sobre o Newsbin
Active Translation
Active/Disable Translation
Active: Ativo:
Add a new Folder Adicionar nova Pasta
Add a new Watch list Translation
Add a poster keyword to filter on Adicionar uma palavra chave do autor para filtrar
Add Group Failed: The group name you're attempting to create already exists. Adicionar Grupo Falhou: O nome de grupo que você está tentando criar já existe.
Add item to Download list Adicionar item à lista de download.
Add New Server
Add or Edit Servers
Add poster to the Filter List Adicionar autor à Lista de Filtros
Add to Custom List Translation
Add to Download - Ignore filters
Add to Download - Ignore filters
Add to the Download List
Add to the Download List
Add to the Top of the Download List - Bypass Filters Translation
Add to the Top of the Download List Translation
Add/Edit the servers Translation
Address: Endereço:
Advanced Avançado
Age Idade
Album Translation
Album-Artist Translation
Album\Artist Album\Artist
All Groups Translation
All Preview Posts will be moved to Read list. Todos os artigos de visualização serão movidos para a Lista de Leitura.
Apply Filterbar Filters Aplicar filtros da barra de filtros
April Abril
Artist Translation
Artist-Album Translation
Artist\Album Artist\Album
Assemble the files and remove the entry from the list. Juntar arquivos e remover a entrada da lista.
Assign a new path Translation
August Agosto
AutoPAR Options Opções AutoPAR
Bandwidth Limited when Pressed
Activate the Speed Limiter
Basic Básico
Blocks Found: Blocos Encontrados
Blocks Needed: Blocos Necessários:
Both the Name and Address need to be filled in to Add/Modify a server Translation
Bottom Fundo
Browse for an Image Database Translation
C:\Download\Subject\Test.rar C:\Download\Subject\Test.rar
Cache Cache
Cancel Translation
Change Password Mudar senha
Changing Firewall settings requires a Newsbin restart Translation
Changing the SSL settings requires a re-start to take affect Translation
Check unchecked groups Marcar grupos não-marcados
Chunk Cache Status Translation
Chunk Cache Use State Translation
Clean out the old records. Apagar registros antigos.
Cleaned up copy of the current filename Translation
Clear Filter History Apagar História de Filtro
Clear Filterbar Filter Apagar Filtro da Barra de Filtros
Clear List Apagar Lista
Clear Memory... Translation
Clear Odometer Zerar velocímetro
Clear the active list Apagar a lista ativa
Clear the download list without deleting the files. Apagar a lista de downloads sem deletar os arquivos.
Clear the download path for these Groups? Apagar o caminho de download para estes grupos?
Clear the list (doesn't delete files) Apagar a lista (não deletar arquivos)
Clear the List (Stop all Downloads)? apagar a lista (parar todos os downloads)?
Clear the list of downloaded files without deleting them from disk. Apagar a lista de arquivos baixados sem deletá-los do disco.
Clear the List? Apagar a lista?
Clear the per group download path Apagar o caminho de download por grupo
Clear the search entry Translation
Clear Apagar/Limpar
Close all Post Tabs? Fechar todas as abas de artigos?
Close Groups Display
Expand Groups Display
Close the active document
Fechar o documento ativo
Close this Tab Fechar esta Aba
CMD/BAT/EXE Files (*.cmd)|*.cmd|All Files (*.*)|*.*|| CMD/BAT/EXE Files (*.cmd)|*.cmd|All Files (*.*)|*.*||
Color: Cor:
Colors/Fonts Cores/Fontes
Combine Master Splitter files (.001,.002....) Translation
Compact Display - many files joined into one line with pars Exibição Compacta - muitos arquivos combinados em uma linha com pares
Compact Display - many files joined into one line Exibição Compacta - muitos arquivos combinados em uma linha
Compact View Visualização Compacta
Configuration File not found, Attempt to restore Backup? Translation
Configuration File restored from Backup copy Translation
Configuration Files Translation
Configuration Options Opções de Configuração
Confirmation Windows Janelas de Configuração
Connections Conexões
Contract docked window Encolher janela
Copy Marked File(s) to new folder Copiar arquivo(s) selecionado(s) para uma nova pasta
Copy selected files to the scratch list for later examination Copiar arquivos selecionados para a lista temporária para serem examinados posteriormente.
Copy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Copiar a seleção e colocá-la na Área de Transferência
Count of all data downloaded Translation
Create a new document
Criar Novo Documento
Create NZB... Translation
Critical Errors Translation
Cross Post Limit Translation
Current Day of the month Translation
Current download path Translation
Current hours in 24 hour format Translation
Current minutes of the hour. Translation
Current Progress: Progresso Atual
Current Speed bits/sec and Bytes/sec Translation
Currently Loaded posts Posts Carregados Atualmente
Customize... Translation
Cut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Recortar a seleção e colocá-la na Área de Transferência
Data Downloaded this session Translation
Data Rate Fluxo de Dados
Data: Dados:
Database Compactor is already in Progress O compactador do banco de dados já está funcionando
Date: data:
Debug Translation
December Dezembro
Delete All Posts Apagar todos os artigos
Delete all Posts? Apagar todos os artigos?
Delete All RAR and PAR Files (from disk) for this file? Apagar todos arquivos RAR e PAR (do disco) para este arquivo?
Delete Entries from DB Apagar entradas do DB
Delete File From Disk Apagar Arquivo do Disco
Delete Files by renaming and wiping the contents Apagar Arquivos renomeando e limpando os conteúdos
Delete from Download List? Translation
Delete Group from List Apagar grupo da lista
Delete Groups Translation
Delete images Files Translation
Delete Images from Database Apagar imagens do banco de dados
Delete Item and the underlying files. Apagar item e os arquivos subjacentes
Delete item but, doesn't remove from disk Apagar item, mas não remover do disco
Delete Marked Files(From Disk!)? Apagar Arquivos selecionados (do disco!)?
Delete Partial Downloads from Disk? Translation
Delete Posts... Translation
Delete Selected Posts? Apagar artigos selecionados?
Delete the files from disk
Delete the files from disk
Delete the Server Apagar o servidor
Delete these File from the Database? Apagar esses arquivos do banco de dados?
Delete these passwords? Translation
Delete these Records? Apagar esses registros?
Delete this Filter Entry? Translation
Description Translation
Destination Folder Translation
Dial-up Networking Failed to contact the ISP. Please check the configuration and try again. Translation
Dirty Rotten Spammers Spammers Malvados
Disable Enabled Groups Desativar Grupos Ativados
Disable Enabled Servers Desativar Servidores Ativados
Disable one or more Servers Desativar um ou mais servidores
Disable/Enable the Signature Cache Desativar/ATivar Esconderijo de Assinatura
Disabled Translation
Display Age Mostrar idade
Display all Files and hide old ones Translation
Display all of the posts for this group Exibir todos os artigos para esse grupo
Display and Update these groups
Display and Update these groups
Display Connection details exibir detalhes da conexão
Display only unread/un-downloaded Files Translation
Display program information, version number and copyright
Exibir informações do program, número da versão e direitos autorais
Display Settings Translation
Display Statistics about a specific Post Translation
Display the Group Properties window
Display the Group Properties window
Display these Groups
Display these Groups
Don't Download Headers Translation
Don't use SSL Translation
Download all headers? Baixar todos os cabeçalhos?
Download all posts currently visible in the post list. Baixar todos os artigos visíveis atualmente na lista de postagem.
Download all posts from this poster. Baixar todos os artigos desse autor?
Download all posts in this Group Baixar todos os artigos nesse grupo
Download All Posts Baixar todos os artigos
Download and assemble Incomplete Files Baixar e juntar arquivos incompletos
Download Descriptions: Baixar descrições:
Download Failed Download falhou
Download Groups List from active servers
Download Groups List from active servers
Download Headers Translation
Download History Histórico de Downloads
Download just the subjects for faster searching Baixar só os assuntos para procura mais rápida
Download Next 1 million Posts Translation
Download Next 10 million Posts Translation
Download Next 100 thousand Posts Translation
Download Next 1000 Records from the Server(s) Baixar Próximos 1000 Registros do Servidor
Download Next 5 million Posts Translation
Download Next 50 thousand Posts Translation
Download Path Not Set in options Baixar caminho não ajustado em opções
Download Path: Baixar Caminho
Download Paused Download em pausa
Download the encoded text to disk. Subject is the filename Baixar o texto codificado para o disco. Assunto é o nome do arquivo
Download the Latest Group Updates
Download the Latest Group Updates
Download to a new folder named from the subject
Download to a new folder named from the subject
Download to a new folder named from the subject
Download to a new folder named from the subject
Download will bypass all Filters Download ignorará todos os filtros
Download Transferência
Download: Transferência:
Downloaded Files Arquivos baixados
Downloaded Posts Artigos baixados
Downloaded Baixado
Downloaded: Baixado:
Downloading Files Translation
Downloading Posts Baixando Artigos
Downloading Baixando
Downloads Translation
Duplicate File Translation
Edit Subscribed groups.
Open the Group Add Window
Edit the filters.
Open the Filters window
Edit the Groups Editar os grupos
Email Field empty - Need an Email address, even a fake one will do Translation
Email Notification Translation
Enable confirmation before permanant post deletion from the post list Translation
Enable confirmation for Group List Sorting Translation
Enable confirmation of deletion from the Download List Translation
Enable confirmation when sorting the Download list. Translation
Enable Disabled Groups Ativar grupos desligados
Enable Disabled Servers Ativar servidores desativados
Enable Filters: Ativar filtros
Enable one or more Servers Ativar um ou mais servidores
Enable or Disable automatic shutdown Translation
Enable or Disable the Filters Translation
Enable the critical Error Pop-up window. Translation
Enable the Post List is empty prompt when loading and no posts appear Translation
Enabled Translation
Enter Registration codes. Inserir códigos de registro
Erase everything
Erase All
Apagar tudo
Apagar tudo
Erase the selection
Apagar a seleção
Error Erro
Execute external program executar programa externo
Expand and Contract Files
Expand and Contract Files
Expand docked window Expandir janela
Expand Search Results... Translation
Export image Files Translation
Export Images to a Disk files. Exportar imagens para arquivos de um disco
Export the selected posts to a text file Exportar os artigos selecionados para um arquivo de texto
Fail EXE files and RAR files that contain EXE files Translation
Fail RAR files that need Passwords Translation
Fail Spam files Translation
Fail When Large RARS inside downloaded RARs are found. Translation
Fail when ZIP Files are inside RARS. This is almost always Spam. Translation
Fail WMV/ASF files and RARS that contain WMV/ASF files that need Passwords Translation
Failed Files Translation
Failed Posts Artigos que falharam
Failed to add the Pattern match String in filter.
You need to look at pattern you're trying to use and make sure it's valid.
Falhou ao tentar adicionar a linha de modelo ao filtro.
Você precisa checar o modelo que você está tentando usar e garantir que é válido.
Failed to Find or Create the Data folder
You may want to pick/create a new one
Falhou ao tentar encontrar ou criar a pasta de dados
Talvez você queira escolher/criar uma outra
Failed to Find or Create the Download folder.
No files can be downloaded until this is fixed by either changing to a valid download folder or
Creating a folder to hold the Downloads.
Failed to open the Groups file. Please Download Groups. Falhou ao tentar abrir o arquivo de grupos. Favor Baixar Grupos
Failed to Start Download
When in Manual mode, each group must be selected individually for download.
Either switch to Auto Mode and hit Go again or double-click
a group name to download from.
Falhou ao tentar iniciar Download
Enquanto em modo manual, cada grupo deve ser selecionado individualmente para download.
Mude para modo automático e pressione Ir novamente ou clique duas vezes
no nome de um grupo para baixar dele.
Failed to start Download.

There are no groups in the groups list.
You need to click the "Groups" button and select at least one group.
Failed to start Download.

There are no groups in the groups list.
You need to click the "Groups" button and select at least one group.
February Fevereiro
File Descriptions Translation
File Exists! Overwrite? Translation
File Parts Downloaded Translation
File Parts Missing Translation
File Type: Tipo de Arquivo:
Filename Accept Translation
Filename Options Translation
Filename Reject Translation
Filename: Nome de arquivo:
Files Found: Arquivos encontrados:
Files List Translation
Files Needed: Arquivos Necessários:
Files! Arquivos!
Files Translation
Files: Arquivos:
Filter Accept: Aceitar filtro
Filter out files that aren't new Translation
Filter posts with invalid email addresses (no @) Translation
Filter Profile not Found - Search Aborted Translation
Filter Profile Translation
Filter Profile: Perfil de Filtro
Filter Profiles can't start with a number Perfis de Filtro não podem começar com um número
Filter Profiles require a name Perfis de filtro requerem um nome
Filter Reject: Rejeitar Filtro:
Filters Filters
Find RAR files in current post list encontrar arquivos RAR na lista de postagem atual
Find: Procurar:
Firewall: Translation
Folder name needs a drive letter or UNC path prefix Translation
Font Colors for the Lists Cores de Fonte para as listas
Free space available in the Data|Download folders Translation
Free Space: Espaço livre:
Fri Translation
FROM Date must be less than TO Date Translation
Full Speed Velocidade Máxima
Global Filter Can't be Deleted Translation
Group Added Date Translation
Group already Exists. Need to choose a different name Translation
Group Field is Empty - Please try again. Translation
Group of Group Names must be at least 2 non-space characters long Grupo de Nomes de Grupo precisa ter pelo menos 2 caracteres sem espaço
Group Translation
Group: Grupo:
Groups (0) Translation
Groups List Translation
Groups Grupos
Growl Notification Translation
Growl Server Registration Complete Translation
Header Download Failed - No Servers set to download headers. Translation
Header Download Translation
Hide docked window Ocultar janela
Hide Files with more Cross-posts than setting. Translation
Hide Old Translation
Hide Old/Show Filenames Translation
Hide/Show the main toolbar Ocultar/Mostrar a barra de ferramentas principal
Hours Translation
Icon Legend Translation
Idle/New Translation
Idle/Old Translation
Image Database Base de Dados de Imagens
Import and image from ZIP of CBZ files Importar e mostrar de ZIP de arquivos CBZ
Import Group Data from Newsbin 5.XX Translation
Incomplete. Missing information needed for download Incompleto. Informação ausente necessária para download
Insert Clipboard contents
Inserir conteúdo da Área de Transferência
Installation is Corrupt - Please uninstall and re-install

Instalação está corrompida - Por favor desinstale e reinstale

Internet Search Procura na Internet
Invalid Regular Expression in Filter Translation
Invalid Search String Translation
January Janeiro
Job: Emprego:
July Julho
June Junho
Kill all connection that are currently outstanding. Finalizar todas as conexões que permanecem.
Kill Selected Connection. Finalizar Conexão Selecionada
Kill the Current Download Finalizar o Download atual
Kill the Download. Finalizar o download.
Last Command Último Comando
Last path segments from the download path Translation
Last Response Última Resposta
Last Updated: Última Atualização:
Limit Repair so, it leaves one CPU available Translation
List of Current downloads Lista de Downloads atuais
List of Failed downloads Lista de Downloads que falharam
List of News servers that have been entered into Newsbin Lista de servidores que foram inseridos na Newsbin
List of Newsgroups you might want to download from. Lista de Newsgrupos dos quais você pode querer baixar.
List of Status messages Lista de mensagens de estado/status.
Load A folder's worth of Saved downloads Carregar uma pasta de downloads salvos
Load all posts bypassing any age filters Carregar todos os artigos ignorando qualquer filtro de idade
Load an Image Database Translation
Load Newer files into the list. Translation
Load NZB files...
Load NZB
Load NZB... Translation
Load Older files into the list. Translation
Load Ranges of posts Carregar variação de artigos
Load the download List from disk Carregar a lista de downloads do disco
Load the Download list Translation
Lock the display to prevent accidential changes Translation
Logging Logando
Logs: Translation
Long Group name Translation
Main Toolbar Translation
Make selected posts Old Marcar artigos selecionados como Antigos
March Março
Mark all post Old? Marcar todo o artigo como Antigo?
Mark all posts Old. Marcar todos os arquivos como Antigos.
Mark all posts Old? Marcar todos os artigos como Antigos?
Mark post as Deleted Marcar artigo como Apagado
Mark Posts New... Translation
Mark Posts Old... Translation
Mark Selected posts "new" Mark Selected posts "new"
Max Size Translation
Maximum size must be larger than Minimum size to search Translation
Maximum size of displayed file. Tamanho máximo de arquivo exibido
May Maio
Message-Id Translation
Min Size Translation
Minimum size of displayed file. Tamanho mínimo de Arquivo exibido
Mon Translation
Move Bottom
Move Item to the Bottom
Move Down
Move Item Down one line
Move File(s) to another folder Mover Arquivo(s) para outra pasta
Move Files Mover arquivos
Move Marked Files? Mover arquivos selecionados?
Move One Line Down Mover uma linha abaixo
Move Top
Move Item to the Top
Move Up
Move Item Up one line
Move Up one Line Mover uma linha acima
Must select some files to save to NZB Translation
NA for NZBs Translation
Name field is Empty - Please add some kind of Name Translation
NBI Files (*.nbi)|*.nbi|All Files (*.*)|*.*|| NBI Files (*.nbi)|*.nbi|All Files (*.*)|*.*||
Need to pick a server to Post to - Please try again Translation
Need to pick an active server - Please try again. Translation
Need to select an item to modify. Translation
Network Network
New Category... Translation
New Files Translation
New Posts novos Artigos
Newsbin doesn't operate a News server.

Visit http://www.usenettools.net/ for server information
Newsbin Paused - Data Folder can't be accessed Translation
Newsbin Paused - Download Folder can't be accessed Translation
Newsbin Paused - Low Disk space in Data Folder Newsbin em pausa - pouco espaço de disco na pasta de dados
Newsbin Paused - Low Disk space on Download folder Drive Translation
Newsbin Pro Options
Open the options Window
Newsbin50 Newsbin50

Newsbin Files (*.nbi)
Newsbin Document

Arquivos Newsbin (*.nbi)
Documento Newsbin
No active groups selected to Process Nenhum grupo ativo selecionando para processar
No Destination filename set Translation
No group name found during add group Nenhum nome de grupo encontrado durante adição de grupo
No groups selected Nenhum grupo selecionado
No PAR data so no PAR status is currently available Translation
No Posts Selected - Can't find Author Translation
None Nenhum
Normal Translation
Notification Messages Translation
Notification Options Translation
Notification Services Translation
Notification Types Translation
November Novembro
NZB Email Settings Translation
NZB Files (*.nzb)|*.nzb|All Files (*.*)|*.*|| NZB Files (*.nzb)|*.nzb|All Files (*.*)|*.*||
NZB Options Translation
NZB Watch Folder Translation
NZB Watch Path Translation
October Outubro
Old Posts Artigos Antigos
Only display files that match this filter Exibir apenas arquivos que combinam com esse filtro
Only display Newer Posts Exibir apenas artigos mais recentes
Only show the filename part of the subject Mostrar apenas a parte com o nome do arquivo no assunto
Open Another Configuration Abrir outra configuração
Open Groups Display
Open Groups Display
Open the Filter Options Abrir as Opções de filtro
Open the folder where the UnRARed files go. Translation
Open the folder where this file is. Abrir a pasta onde este arquivo se encontra.
Open the Options Dialog Abrir o Diálogo de Opções
Open the Search Window
Open the Search Window
Open the Server Options Abrir as Opções de servidor
Open this document Abrir este documento
Open up a window to the files folder Abrir uma janela para a pasta de arquivos
Open Window to register key. Translation
Option Translation
Options Opções
Options: Opções:
Overwrite, Rename, Fill with Garbage then Delete Reescrever, renomear, encher com lixo e, depois, apagar
Par Files: Arquivos Par
PAR Records Registros PAR
Par Set Size: Ajuste de tamanho Par
Partial Download Download parcial
Path Item Definitions Translation
Pause download
Pause the selected Download
Pause Download during UnRAR/Repair Translation
Pause the download list.
Pause the Download
Pause the Download Pausar o download
Pause the marked download Pausar o download selecionado
Pause Pause
Paused Em pausa
Performance Options: Translation
Performance Translation
Permanantly Delete these Posts from Storage? Apagar permanentemente esses artigos do armazenamento?
Permanently delete this poster? Translation
Pick Folder to UnRAR to Translation
Pick the Download Folder Translation
Pick the Font to use with this control selecione a fonte a ser usada com esse controle
Pick the NZB Autoload Path Translation
Pick the NZB Download Folder Translation
Place Holder Translation
Position: Posição:
Post a message to up to 3 groups. Postar uma mensagem para até 3 grupos
Post Count Translation
Post Filename Nome do arquivo do artigo
Post list that the user can copy new entries into for later processing Postar lista para a qual o usuário pode copiar entradas para processamento posterior
Post Properties Propriedades do Artigo
Post to Selected Groups postar para grupos selecionados
Post/File is Filtered Artigo/Arquivo está filtrado
Poster Field Translation
Poster Filtered Translation
Poster Settings Configurações de autor
Poster: Translation
Pre-allocate files. Improves performance for spinning disks Translation
Preparing Posted Files... Translation
Priority: Translation
Problem contacting the Search server. Please contact technical support. Problemas ao contactar o servidor de busca. Por favor entre em contato com o suporte técnico.
Processing Priority Prioridade de Processamento
Progress: Progresso:
Prompt when Exit is attempted. Translation
Purge on disk records to the "Display Age" setting. Purge on disk records to the "Display Age" setting.
Purge the Stored records from the disk Remover registros armazenados do disco
Purge to MDA is already in Progress Remoção para MDA já está em progresso
Purging the Groups... Translation
Purging to Display Age... Translation
Quality Translation
Queued for Download Translation
Quick UnRAR: File isn't a decodable type Translation
Quick UnRAR: No filename found Translation
Quit the application; prompts to save documents
Finalizar o aplicativo; alertas para salvar documentos
RAR Passwords Translation
RE supplied to filter NZB filenames isn't valid RE fornecido para filtrar nomes de arquivos NZB não é válido
Read Posts Ler artigos
Read the text of the post Ler texto do artigo
Ready Pronto
Really Delete Group(s)? Realmente deletar grupo(s)?
Really Delete Server(s)? realmente deletar servidor(es)?
Really Purge Stored Records? Realmente eliminar registros armazenados?
Really Reset the Group to use Download Age again? Translation
Reduce the amount of CPU that PAR repair and UnRAR can use Translation
Refresh the List
Remove files that no longer exist on disk
Reject! Rejeitar!
Reload from Disk. Translation
Reload Group data Translation
Reload the DB from disk Recarregar o DB a partir do disco
Remote Control Translation
Remote NZB Interface Translation
Remove Files from List Translation
Remove from Download List Remover da lista de download
Remove Poster from Lockout List Remover artigo da lista de excluídos
Remove Posts from List Remover artigos da lista
Rename Failed, Probably the destination file already exists Renomeação falhou, provavelmente o arquivo de destino já existe
Rename File Renomear Arquivo
Rename File. Renomear Arquivo.
Rename this item Renomear esse item
Repair Blocks Reparar blocos
Reply to an existing post Responder a um artigo existente
Rescan Folders Rastrear pastas novamente
Rescan the folder for missing files Rastrear pasta a procura de arquivos em falta novamente
Reset counter to download headers from FTR setting Regular contador para baixar cabeçalhos da configuração FTR
Reset the counters so the FTR is used to download from the group again. Regular os contadores para que FTR seja usado para baixar do grupo novamente.
Reset the download counters. Regular os contadores de download.
Restore the window to visible Restaurar a janela para visível
Resume download
Resume the selected Download
Retry the Download
Retry the Download
RSS Feeds RSS Alimenta
Run QuickPAR
Run QuickPAR to test files
Run the default view for this file
Run the default view for this file
Run the Edit Groups Dialog Executar o Diálogo Editar Grupos
Run the file with the default viewer Executar o arquivo com o visualizador padrão
Running Executando
Sample Files
Unrar and try to display the RAR contents
Sat Translation
Save the active document with a new name
Save As
Salvar o documento ativo com um novo nome
Salvar Como
Save the Configuration File
Save the Configuration file
Save the download list so, it can be loaded later. Salvar a lista de download para que ela possa ser carregada mais tarde.
Save the selected post to disk. Salvar o artigo selecionado no disco
Scheduler Translation
Scripts Translation
Search for and UnRAR RAR files Translation
Search for Downloaded Files in the file DB Procurar arquivos baixados no arquivo DB
Search for Subjects or Poster Translation
Search In Group/Topic Translation
Search Mode Translation
Search string used to find these files Translation
Search Warning Alerta de busca
Search Procurar
Secure server/connection Failed. Servidor seguro/conexão falhou
Secure server/connection. SSL encrypted connections are made to the server Servidor seguro/conexão.Conexões criptografadas SSL são feitas ao servidor
Security Options Opções de Segurança
Select a Filter Profile from Find - Search Aborted Translation
Select a Filter Profile Selecionar um Perfil de Filtro
Select a folder to scan for files Selecionar uma pasta para rastrear arquivos
Select all Items Translation
Select all Posts. Selecionar todos os artigos
Select Automatic Download Mode. Selecionar Modo de Download Automático
Select Manual Mode Selecionar Modo Manual
Select which groups to search for content. No selection means all groups Selecionar em quais grupos procurar por conteúdo. Nenhuma seleção quer dizer todos os grupos.
Selected Data count and size Translation
September Setembro
Server Name: Nome do servidor:
Server Options Opções de Servidor
Server port is Required - default is 119 Porta do servidor é necessária - padrão é 119
Servers Servidores
Servers: Servidores:
Set the Per group download path Ajustar o caminho de download por grupo
Setting a "Initial Days " of Zero is a bad idea - the Override is disabled Setting a "Initial Days " of Zero is a bad idea - the Override is disabled
Setting the NZB Autoload path to scan the download path is a BAD idea.

High CPU load can be the result.
Setup Translation
Show All Files Mostrar todos os arquivos
Show All Posts Mostrar todos os artigos
Show Filenames only Translation
Show Filenames Translation
Show Filenames: Mostrar nomes de arquivos:
Show Filtered Posts Mostrar artigos filtrados
Show Grid Lines Translation
Show Help File Mostrar arquivo de ajuda
Show Incomplete Files Mostrar Arquivos Incompletos
Show Incompletes Mostrar Incompletos
Show New Posts Mostrar Artigos Novos
Show or Hide the Main control Bar
Toggle Main Bar
Mostrar ou Ocultar a Barra de controle principal
Alternar Barra Principal
Show or hide the status bar
Toggle StatusBar
Mostrar ou ocultar a barra de status
Alternar Barra de Status
Show or Hide the Thumbnail bar
Toggle Thumbnails
Mostrar ou Ocultar Miniaturas
Alternar Miniaturas
Show or hide the toolbar
Toggle ToolBar
Mostrar ou ocultar barra de ferramentas
Alternar barra de ferramentas
Show PAR/NFO Mostrar PAR/NFO
Show Special... Translation
Show the best guess at the filenames in the post. Mostrar a melhor suposição quanto aos nomes de arquivos no artigo.
Show the smaller tool bar. Mostrar barra de ferramentas menor
Show/Disable the MOTD window Mostrar/Desativar a janela MOTD
Size of data waiting to download in the download list Translation
Size: Tamanho:
Slow Translation
Sort Groups List? Organizar lista de grupos?
Sort the Download list? Translation
Sort the entire Wish list? Translation
Sort the Failed list? Translation
Source: Translation
Spam Filter Settings Translation
Spam Filters Translation
Spam Translation
Specify a filter profile for a group Especificar perfil de filtro para um grupo
Speed (Bps): Velocidade (Bps):
Speed Limited Translation
Speed Progress Translation
Speed: Velocidade:
SSL Enabled/Disabled: Translation
State: Estado:
Status Translation
Status: Estado/Status:
Stop Search Processing Translation
Subject Accept Translation
Subject Field Translation
Subject is Empty - Please try again Translation
Subject Reject Translation
Subject: Assunto:
Sun Translation
Switch back to the previous window pane
Previous Pane
Retornar à tela anterior
Tela anterior
Switch between Full and Reduced speed Translation
Switch between Pause and Run Translation
Switch between Scheduler Modes Translation
Switch to the next window pane
Next Pane
Mover para a tela seguinte
Tela seguinte
Switches Translation
Tab: Aba:
Tabbed Window Janela com abas
Takes you to a form where you can request tech support Leva você a um formulário no qual você pode pedir suporte técnico
Test files if they have PAR files Testar arquivos se eles tiverem arquivos PAR
Test NZB... Translation
Test text was Accepted - Will be included Translation
Test text was Rejected - Will be excluded Translation
Text: Translation
The cleaned up filename of the loaded NZB Translation
The current date Translation
The current month Translation
The current Poster address Translation
The current year Translation
The file containing the groups list is missing.
\tClick the "Download GroupsList From Server" button.
The file containing the groups list is missing.
\tClick the "Download GroupsList From Server" button.
The group or Topic if a group of groups is loaded Translation
The last path segment of the NZB File path Translation
The name is too short. It must be 2 letters or more. O nome é muito curto. Ele deve ter 2 letras ou mais.
The news servers for some popular ISP. Os servidores de notícias para alguns ISP populares
The parent groups if this group is in a GOG (groups of groups) Translation
There are no Active Servers. You must Either add a server and/or make sure at least one server has a check mark next to it before downloading. Não há servidores ativos. Você deve adicionar um servidor e/ou assegurar-se que pelo menos um servidor está selecionado antes de fazer downloads.
Thumbnails Miniaturas
Thur Translation
Time to finish current downloads Translation
Too Big Translation
Too Small Translation
Top Translation
Total Translation
Try to add posts together that Newsbin Pro didn't combine itself. Tentar adicionar artigos juntos, os quais Newsbin não conseguiu combinar
Try to Find a news server Tentar encontrar um servidor de notícias
Tue Translation
UberSearch Translation
Unable to add this item to poster lockout Translation
Unable to Assign Download path - Check your download path settings Translation
Unable to create or access the temp folder Translation
Unable to Delete Server - Server not found Incapaz de apagar servidor - servidor não encontrado
Unable to load the Filters file Translation
Unable to open file to save groups Incapaz de abrir arquivo para salvar grupos
Unable to Register with Growl Server Translation
Unable to Use Viewer for this file Reported Error: Incapaz de usar visualizador para este arquivo, Erro Reportado
Undo the last action
Desfazer a ultima ação
UnRAR Failed: RAR file needs Password Translation
UnRAR Files
Unrar the current set of files
UnRAR Path is not set in the Options Translation
UnRAR Path: Translation
UnRAR the files to a new folder Translation
Use SSL Translation
UsenetSearch Procura na Usenet
Verbose Translation
Video Resolution extracted from the subject Translation
View List Icon Legend Ver legenda de ícones
View Message of the Day Ver a mensagem do dia
View Thumbnails Visualizar Miniaturas
Warning - Header overlap > 5000 is unusual. It will slow header downloads Translation
Warning NZB File Failed to load. It's probably corrupt Translation
Warning NZB File Failed to load. It's probably corrupt: %s Translation
Warning Alerta
Watch List Name Translation
Watch list Status Translation
Watch List Translation
Web page that describes how to Use newsbin Página da web que descreve como usar Newsbin
Wed Translation
What the Path Symbols mean Translation
When Files are Repaired Translation
When Files are UnRARed Translation
When Login is Enabled - Username is required Quando Login estiver ativado - username é necessário.
When Newsbin Exits Translation
When Newsbin report Errors Translation
When Newsbin Starts Translation
Window Positions Posições de janela
Wish List Translation
Write Downloaded files with No memory buffering Translation
You need to Enter a server name or address Você precisa inserir um nome de servidor ou endereço
You've selected more than 40 items to read. Continue? Você selecionou mais que 40 itens para ler? Continuar?



English PortugueseBrazil
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8


English PortugueseBrazil
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
11 11
12 12
13 13
14 14


English PortugueseBrazil
Accept if Translation
Reject if


English PortugueseBrazil
Display Data Rate Mostra Fluxo de Dados
Display Disk Free Space Mostra Espaço Livre no Disco


English PortugueseBrazil
Header Download Translation


English PortugueseBrazil
Headers Translation
Search Engine


English PortugueseBrazil
None Nenhum
5 k 5 k
10 k 10 k
50 k 50 k
100 k 100 k
500 k 500 k
1 M 1 M
5 M 5 M
10 M 10 M
50 M 50 M
100 M 100 M
500 M 500 M
1 G 1 G
5 G 5 G
10 G 10 G


English PortugueseBrazil
Sleep Translation


English PortugueseBrazil
SOCKS4 (No Password Needed) Translation
SOCKS5 (Password Optional)

DLGINIT Entry 10

English PortugueseBrazil

DLGINIT Entry 11

English PortugueseBrazil
Subject Contains Translation
Filename Contains

DLGINIT Entry 12

English PortugueseBrazil
Update Every 1 secs Update Every 1 secs
Update Every 5 secs Update Every 5 secs
Update Every 30 secs Update Every 30 secs
Update Every 60 secs Update Every 60 secs
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